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Importance of Penis Size
The size of the penis has always been a very important issue on the part of the male community. In the common imagination, in fact, the size of the penis represents a yardstick of masculinity and virility, and a factor that affects success in the sexual sphere; even, for some cultures, penis size is associated with qualities such as fertility, strength and courage.

Confirming the importance of penis sizes for the male community are numerous surveys, which show that many men are worried about the idea of ​​not having a big enough penis. Furthermore, from these same surveys, it appears that the above concern stems from the lack of knowledge of the average size of a human penis.

This article aims, first of all, to clarify what are the average dimensions of the penis, both in the flaccid phase and in the erection phase; therefore, he wants to dedicate a space to when the size of the penis falls within the pathological, to the possible consequences on the psychological sphere of an underestimation of the size of the penis, to the myths to dispel about the size of the penis and other curiosities.

Anatomy and Functions of the Penis: A Brief Review

  • The penis is the organ of the male genital apparatus responsible, during the sexual act, for copulation and the emission of sperm (ejaculation).
  • Surrounded by hair, the penis is located at the pelvic level, in the so-called pubic area; above, it borders with the lower abdomen, while, below, with the scrotum (which is the sac in which the testicles reside).
  • Cylindrical in shape and covered with skin, the penis is basically composed of 3 parts: the root, the shaft (or body) and the glans (or head of the penis).
  • The root is the site of attachment of the penis to the pubic area;