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Increasing the size of the penis is a common desire among men. For this reason, several methods are publicized as miraculous so that the man gets to have what in the imaginary seems to be the ideal for the size of the penis. Among them, several exercises are spread over the internet promising to fulfill this desire. But do they really work?

Penis Enlargement Exercise: Do They Really Work zytek xl reviews?
After adulthood, no serious study published in an indexed journal (medical journals of proven scientific value) has shown that any exercise aimed at the penis has succeeded in generating growth in length or diameter.

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Surgery to enlarge the penis: in which cases is it indicated?

On the other hand, in some pathological situations such as penile fibrosis resulting from Peyronie’s Disease or zytek xl side effects in the postoperative period of patients who underwent pelvic surgery to treat prostate cancer, the use of a vacuum pump or penile extenders has demonstrated some ability to prevent atrophy and loss of length.

That is, they do not increase the size, they just avoid the impression of shortening common to these specific situations zytek xl website. For these cases, all techniques require medical training and guidance.

Maneuvers and increased blood circulation in the penis – zytek xl website
Never abruptly bend your penis into an erection. Microtrauma may occur that in some men initiate a fibrosis process that determines progressive curvatures in the penis. This is the basis for the appearance of Peyronie’s Disease, which affects 5% of men over 40 years of age.

Therefore, before starting any technique that proposes to increase the size of the penis, listen to the opinion of a urologist, especially an andrologist.