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The technique of jelqing is based on the fact that it allows the increase of blood circulation in the sexual organ vital x9 scam, lengthening the body of the penis and increasing its capacity to receive blood. However, there is no scientific evidence to indicate whether this technique works or not and how long the results can be seen.

Despite this, it is possible to experiment as long as the step-by-step is guided by the doctor and that the penis is not tightened too tightly, lubricant is used and the organ is not fully erect. Thus, the jelq technique can be performed in different phases:.

Heating phase vital x9
The first step is very important, as it guarantees the heating of the tissues of the body of the penis, reducing the risk of injuries during the remaining steps of the technique. Some ways to warm up include:

  • Take a hot bath;
  • Put a hot compress or towel on the penis;
  • Apply a hot water bottle.
  • After warming up, the penis should be placed at a medium level of erection to allow more blood to enter the body of the organ. The ideal level is for the penis to be erect but not hard enough to penetrate, for example. Then, a little lubricant can be applied before starting the next phase, in order to facilitate the movements of the technique, cause less discomfort and avoid the possible consequences.

Exercise phase
After doing the warm-up phase and reaching the correct level of erection vital x9, you can start the exercise phase vital x9 review, which includes:

  • Hold the base of the penis, wrapping it with your index finger and thumb, in order to form the “ok” gesture symbol;
  • Lightly squeeze the body of the penis with your fingers, without causing pain, but with enough strength to trap the blood in the body of the penis;
  • Slowly slide your hand up to the base of the penis glans, without going through the head of the penis;
  • Repeat the steps with the other hand vital x9 review, while continuing to hold the base of the glans with the first hand.