V10 Plus


Each step of this technique should be done on different days or a few hours apart, so that the stimulus and the desire to ejaculate are similar.

Ideally, during this technique it is expected that the man will learn to identify the sensations and will be able to control them, prolonging the time until ejaculation. To obtain the best results, it is important to follow up the technique with a urologist.

Compression technique v10 plus
In this technique, the man learns to recognize the sensations that arise before ejaculation and to control them. The great advantage of this technique is that it can be done by the man himself, without the help of his partner.

To do this v10 plus, you must do stimulation of the penis, through masturbation or sexual intercourse, and, when you feel that you will ejaculate, you must stop and put pressure on the head of the penis.

To do this, place your thumb on v10 plus the underside of the head of the penis, above the bridle, and with your index and middle finger, press over the penis, enclosing the urethra. The pressure should be maintained for 3 to 4 seconds and should be slightly uncomfortable, but without causing pain. This technique should be repeated a maximum of 5 times in a row.

Another compression option is to tighten at the base of the penis. This technique can be done during penetration, but it is important to ask the partner not to move, avoiding stimulation when making the compression.

Desensitization v10 plus technique
This is a very simple technique, but it may not have worked for all men, as it consists of making masturbation 1 to 2 hours before sexual intercourse, which decreases the sensitivity to orgasm.

In addition, if the man does not use a condom v10 plus, as he already has a long-term relationship, the urologist can advise on its use, as it usually decreases the sensitivity of the penis, allowing control of orgasm.