Premature ejaculation occurs when a man reaches orgasm in the first few seconds after penetration or before he has penetrated UltrastrenX, which turns out to be unsatisfactory for the couple.

This sexual dysfunction is more common in adolescents, due to hormonal changes, which make them more excitable, but it can also appear in adults, being, in these cases, more related to psychological factors, such as stress, anxiety or fear, for example UltrastrenX.

Premature ejaculation can be controlled with the use of some techniques and exercises, but in some cases it may even be necessary to use medication or psychotherapy. Thus, it is best to always consult a urologist to identify the possible cause of premature ejaculation and start the most appropriate treatment.

How To Control Premature Ejaculation – UltrastrenX
Treatment options to control ejaculation
The urologist can recommend and guide several types of treatment, which include:

Start-stop technique
This technique is widely used and helps to accustom a man to take longer to ejaculate. For this, the technique is done with gradual steps, which include:

  • On the first day UltrastrenX, the man should masturbate with a dry hand, making 3 movements and stopping for 2 or 3 seconds. After each pause, 3 movements must be made again and stopped. This pattern must be maintained 10 times. If the ejaculation occurs before these 10 times, you must repeat the exercise in the following days until you can handle it 10 times;
  • After being able to do 10 times of 3 movements, the technique should be repeated, but with 5 consecutive movements, interspersed with pauses;
  • When you are able to do 10 times of 5 movements, you start making 7 movements in a row;
  • After reaching 10 times with 7 movements in a row, the entire technique should be repeated, starting again with the 3 movements, but with a wet hand, using some type of lubricant or petroleum jelly;
  • When the 7 movements are reached again with UltrastrenX, the technique must be repeated, but by the partner.