Is size important testosterall reviews?
In several studies done on the size of the penis, it was concluded that the man is the person most concerned with the size of his own penis, with little concern on the part of the partner. In addition, in most cases, the size of the penis does not prevent a man from having sex or generating a successful pregnancy.

Can smoking make your penis smaller?
Cigarettes do not interfere with hormone production and therefore do not affect penis growth. However, as smoking affects several organs of the body in a negative way, over the years it can also interfere with the functions of the penis, more specifically with the erection. This is because prolonged use of cigarettes can cause some blood vessels to block, which slows the flow of blood to the penis. When this happens, the man will have less and less blood to produce and maintain an erection, which may even result in impotence, for example testosterall.

Understand better what is impotence and what are the main causes.

Can the penis grow crooked testosterall?
The most common is that the penis grows with a slight inclination to one side or the other, and this is mainly because the urethra does not always follow the development of the rest of the organ, causing a slight curve.

However, as long as the curvature does not cause pain or prevent penetration during intimate contact, it should not be a cause for concern. See when the curvature of the penis is not normal and testosterall reviews what to do.

Who should I consult due to the size of the penis?
If you are concerned about the size of the penis or if you have any doubts about the development of the male sexual organ, as well as the testicles, it is always best to consult a urologist before trying any homemade technique to try to change the size. The doctor is the most qualified person to assess the situation and indicate the best forms of treatment.

Does masturbation make the penis grow?
Masturbation does not interfere with the size of the penis testosterall reviews, because the size is determined by genetics and, therefore, is not influenced by this practice. Despite this, there are some options for penis enlargement that should be evaluated with a urologist.