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The period of greatest growth of the penis happens during adolescence, remaining with a similar size and thickness after that age. The “normal” average size of the normal erect penis can vary between 10 and 16 cm Spartagen XT Review, but this measure tends to oscillate according to the country from which it originates, since there are places with higher or lower averages. In addition, only 3% of men are outside the average.

However, when the penis is much smaller than the average, it can be known as a micropenis, but this usually only happens in cases where the organ is less than 5 cm, for example. Learn more about the micropenis spartagen xt free trial and what can be done. In this podcast, Dr. Rodolfo clarifies some doubts about the average penis size and explains other issues related to men’s health: spartagen xt reviews

1. What is the “normal spartagen xt where to buy” average size?
The size of the penis can vary greatly from one man to the next, being related to several factors such as the production of hormones. However, according to studies carried out in several countries, the average “normal” size for a flaccid penis appears to be around 9 cm, while erect, this value is 13 cm. Regarding the circumference, the value usually varies between 9 cm and 12 cm.

2. How old does the penis grow?
Since growth occurs mainly during adolescence, most boys have penis growth until around 20 years of age, and after that age it is common for the size to be similar for the rest of their lives with spartagen xt price.

Although the growth of the penis happens in this period, the rhythm can vary from one boy to the other, being able to be faster in some cases than in others spartagen xt, however by the age of 19, the penis must have developed almost completely.

3. Is it possible to increase the size of the penis?
There are several techniques that promise to increase the size of the penis, but most of them can only cause a small change, not having the result expected by most men. See which techniques are most used to increase penis size.

4. How to measure penis size?
The size must be measured with the penis erect and to make the measurement, the distance between the supra-pubic region, which is the bone just above the base of the penis, and the tip of the penis must be measured.

When there is accumulation of fat in the suprapubic region, it is possible that the body of the penis will end up being covered and, therefore, the measurement may not be correct. In such cases, it is recommended to take the measurement lying down.