Pure virility reviews


There are countless advertisements on the internet that promise penis enlargement, offering various types of techniques Pure virility, medications and equipment. However the actual effectiveness is questionable and the subject is still a taboo for many men.

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Tantra specialist Beatriz Rios claims that through penile stimulation and massage and tantric techniques it is possible to stimulate penis strengthening: “Tantric massage and exercise techniques have been known for many centuries to increase and prolong pleasure, in addition to stimulating the growth of the penis with the strengthening of the corpora cavernosa. The results can be seen not only in the size of the penis, which gains a few centimeters, but also in the performance and expenditure of all this sexual energy ”, she reports.

Beatriz Rios says that tantra techniques combined with specific exercises and massages can help those who suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation: “The technique also helps those who suffer from erection problems, in addition to increasing the rigidity of the organ. Consequently, it improves self-esteem and satisfaction with one’s own body ”.

However Beatriz warns that there are no miracles: “The first results appear after 30 days. In the beginning Pure virility reviews, the exercises must be performed three times a week, and take around 20 minutes ”.

“It is necessary to carry out the techniques with the penis heated, either by a warm towel or a warm bath, and be very careful not to overdo it and cause injuries. But, the technique alone does not work miracles and it will not turn people with normal penises into monsters (laughs). There will be gains in size and length, but the main gain will be in self-recognition, in being well resolved with one’s own body and sexuality and the realignment of sexual energy ”, she explains about Pure virility.