Natural ways to boost penile length

Natural ways to boost penile length

How to Increase Penis Size Fast And Naturally

The subject of penile enlargement is one of the most contemporary topics in modern times. This topic has attracted much attention, particularly among men for a variety of reasons. Some men view the size of their penises as an indication of the degree of their masculinity. People with this mindset view a huge penis as a sign of being more manly and masculine as compared to when one has what is considered a small penis. Also there is no doubt that a big penis also makes it easier to satisfy your partner sexually.

This obsession with the size of the penis, especially as it relates to attraction and sexual performance has spread over into the world of academia. Consequently, much scientific research on the subject has already been conducted in many parts of the globe. Surprisingly, most of these research conflicts with many commonly held views. Concerning that, a huge proportion of research on the issue, seems to indicate that the size of the penis does not affect sexual performance and attraction as much as many people think. What is more, the penile size of many men falls within  what medical experts consider the normal range range. Thus, it is unlikely that another man will have an exceedingly large penis compared to others.

Despite the information out there about penile length, most men cannot resist the idea of enlarging their penis size. Such men have several options at their disposal such as medical surgery, the use of medication and a slew of natural ways.  The first option (medical surgery) carries with it the risk of causing permanent deformities on patients. Thus, the option is discouraged and only recommended when there is sound medical justification for it.

Using drugs, on the other hand, puts physical stress on the body. What is more, some men may display allergic behavior to penile enlargement drugs; as a result, this option is not preferred by many men.  Lastly, natural ways seem most popular among users. Their preference is mainly because such methods seem safer. Moreover, a person may seek medical attention in case a natural approach to penile enlargement backfires. The next section of this article will discuss some of the natural ways that men can easily utilize in order- increase the size of their penises.

Natural ways to increase the size of the penis

Perhaps the simplest and most natural way to increase penile size is by eating and staying healthy. This option entails taking a healthy balanced diet and letting the body grow naturally. As this happens, size of the penis will also increase. Additionally, eating healthy also entails avoiding junk and processed foods that are likely to lead to an accumulation of cholesterol in the body.

It is best to avoid junk and processed foods because they contain high unnecessary cholesterol which blocks the blood vessels in the penis; this consequently prevents the penis from growing to its full natural size. Staying healthy also demands avoiding stress. This is particularly important noting that several studies on the subject seem to indicate that mental stress has a direct effect on sexual performance. 

Having an active sex life is another effective yet often neglected way of increasing the size of the penis. This approach to penile enlargement is backed by reliable scientific research. Numerous studies have concluded that men who are sexually active tend to have larger penises than those who are not. What is more, studies further show that men with multiple partners have slightly larger penises as compared to their counterparts with few or single partners. Therefore, men who want to increase the sizes of their penises may want to consider increasing the frequency of their sexual activity. The approach is, however, disliked by many women because it is viewed as providing justification for men to have multiple partners

Exercising is another natural way to increase the size of your penis. This approach demands performing physical exercises on the penis. The Jelq method is one of the basic exercises that can be performed on the penis to increase its size. This method begins with grabbing the penis between the thumb and the first finger. The man is then supposed to squeeze the entire length of the penis in a rhythmic motion from the scrotum to the prepuce for about 20 minutes. This should be repeated daily for some time for best results. The pubococcygeus is another commonly adopted exercise to increase the size of the penis. The exercise entails flexing penile muscles during urination for about 10 to 20 seconds.

The use of herbs is another natural option to increasing penile length. This tactic is common in many Asian and African countries. However, the success of this strategy remains debatable especially in academic studies. L-Argine is one of the common herbs used for this purpose. The herb is known to be rich in amino acids and Nitric Oxide. The use of L-Argine is believed to increase blood flow to the genitals which, in turn, leads to harder erections and an increase in penile length.

Ginseng is another herbal remedy that is used to increase the size of the penis in Korea. Just like L-Argine, the root works by increasing blood flow to the penis. Tongkat-Ali is another herbal remedy that works in a different manner compared to the first two mentioned herbs. This root works by blocking the secretion of estrogen in males. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the production of male hormones which, then, results in an increase in penile length.


It is advisable to take the prerogative to research exhaustively before deciding to take up any technique to increase their penile size. This is because, extreme penile enhancement techniques is that most pose medical risks that will further worsen you stamina, libido and general sexual performance.