How do you understand the type of dysfunction
As noted, there are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction, many of which are organic, detectable through specific medical tests:

Nocturnal electrometry, to check for involuntary erections during sleep;
Hormonal dosages, especially prolactin and testosterone that can affect erection;
Penino Doppler ultrasound, arteriography and cavernosography, useful for evaluating any vascular dysfunctions; Sacral evoked potentials, to assess the integrity of the nerve pathways involved in erection; Papaverine test, i.e. the injection of this penile vasodilator substance, useful for evaluating its financing. In the event that organic causes should emerge, the necessary recourse to the urologist or andrologist is obvious; if the problem, on the other hand, should be of a psychological nature, then psychotherapy is recommended.

Cures and remedies for impotence
However, to treat impotence, in relation to its cause, one can use either the use of ad hoc drugs (including the famous Viagra deserves a mention) or psychological counseling or, in the most extreme situations, a surgery on blood vessels (it is not uncommon, in fact, the possibility that there is a ‘defective’ vein that allows blood to drain too quickly from the penis). And there is also the possibility of relying on some natural or alternative remedy, such as acupuncture and drinking ginseng and pomegranate juice. Finally, erection problems can also be solved by improving your lifestyle, for example by smoking and drinking less alcohol, strengthening communication with your partner, reducing anxiety, exercising and following a healthy and balanced diet.