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Epilation is carried out by transmitting energy from the laser to the hair follicle. In this structure, selective absorption occurs by the target chromophore present in it, melanin.

Based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, through the specific wavelength, the laser’s light energy penetrates to the epidermis. The hair follicle melanin absorbs this energy, selectively transforming it into thermal energy APX Male Enhancement, and the heat generated leads to the destruction of the hair follicle germ cells, without damaging the adjacent structures. There are countless benefits of male laser hair removal, but we have separated the main ones for you.

Practicality: APX Male Enhancement Reviews
A good part of the men who look for laser hair removal want to stop being slaves to the razor or another traditional method, whose frequency of performance is high. With male laser hair removal, sessions are held only every 45 or 60 days;

One of the biggest benefits is that the results are practically definitive. By destroying the “root” of the hair, male laser hair removal prevents the hair from growing back;

Quick results:
From the first session onwards APX Male Enhancement Reviews, the results are noticeable, and the improvement is progressive as the treatment progresses;

Hygiene APX Male Enhancement:
Smooth skin can give the feeling of cleanliness that some seek. The accumulation of hair in certain regions causes an increase in local humidity, causing the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that increase the odors caused by perspiration;