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I have already explained that premature ejaculation is not a disease and how to prolong an erection without drugs. The best is Androdna Male Enhancement. Everyone needs to know that erectile dysfunction is also not a disease and sexologists, andrologists, urologists, doctors, psychologists, etc. they no longer have to use the terms impotence and helplessness in sex education, in articles and interviews in the mass media, on television.

The penis is not the symbol of male potency: for a true sexual liberation of all men (and women Androdna Male Enhancement), when doing sex education it must be explained that it is the ability to love (and the knowledge of making love) what it really matters, not the penis and its erection.

Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of some neurological and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, prostate surgery, as well as an effect of some antidepressant drugs, antipsychotics, etc. After the age of 50-60, erectile dysfunction is common, even if there are no diseases and sexologists say it is for age. Instead, it is caused by incorrect sexual education, in fact it can be prevented by training the ischiocavernosus muscles (the muscles of a rigid erection) with Kegel perineal exercises.

Another frequent consequence of the absence of proper sex education is what sexologists call psychological erectile dysfunction Androdna Male Enhancement, see performance anxiety, which causes a failed erection with a partner, despite the anatomy and physiology of the erection being perfectly normal.

Everyone, especially teenagers, must know that an inexplicable erection failure, especially the first few times, can happen for many reasons, as well as for anxiety and ignorance about how to make love, even for fatigue, stress, overeating. , drugs, drugs (therefore also alcohol and cigarettes), pornography abuse / addiction (which then inhibits mental arousal in real life Androdna Male Enhancement), economic or family thoughts, doing it without desire or “fucking” just to prove that you are a man, while the real man is the one who has freed himself from sexual obsessions / slavery and also knows how to say no to a woman he doesn’t know or doesn’t love.