Wheatgrass wonder smoothie recipe

Wheatgrass wonder smoothie recipe

This sweet and delicious-looking smoothie is the perfect way to ensure you are feeding your body with sufficient mix of antioxidants, vitamins. The aim is to elevate energy levels and give you the boost you need to keep up with regular work-out regimen. The combination of wheat grass and almond milk, results in a delicious smoothie that even the sweet-tooth will love. It will also cleanse your stomach off all bad toxins.

Ten grams of wheatgrass powder

½ cup spinach

1 Banana

½ Cup strawberries

40 grams of ripe blueberries

A cup of almond milk

Why Wheat grass? What is the benefit of using this wonder ingredient

Wheat grass refers to the young developing grass of a wheat plant. Most people are not familiar with wheat grass as a nutritional powerhouse. It is nonetheless a powerful gluten free grass that detoxifies the body, strengthens the immune system and wards of infections. Wheat grass is readily available in the United States since it naturally thrives in most temperate regions throughout the US.

Excellent source of Chlorophyll

As expert nutritionist Dr. Earp Thomas brilliantly puts it –when it comes to grains wheat is king and this explains why wheat grass is one the richest sources of chlorophyll. According to reliable studies wheat grass wheat grass consists of incredibly high 70% chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green chemical in plants which has been established as a potent health agent. For starters chlorophyll enhances liver detoxification hence promoting good liver health. With the liver in great condition natural detoxification is optimized making it much easier to steadily shed off excess pounds.

Wheat grass provides digestive relief

Many people suffer from a myriad of digestive problems including constipation and abdominal pain during digestion. This digestive powerhouse prevents constipation and makes eating and digestion a seamless process. When you have no digestion issues it becomes easy to plan and eat healthy. Additionally wheat grass is also a healthy, natural and effective treatment selected gastrointestinal conditions.

Wheat grass powder has powerful antioxidant properties

Antioxidants are incredibly powerful in protecting the human body from powerful free radicals. Radicals are simply unstable molecules rapidly damage healthy cells. Wheat grass is an important ingredient in a smoothie because it is packed with vitamin A, E and C.

Wheat grass accelerates the rate of metabolism

It is widely known that wheat grass naturally stimulates thyroid glands and this substantially speeds up the rate of metabolism especially the metabolism of fats. When the rate of metabolism is fast, this helps to overcome stubborn weight issues such as indigestion and even obesity which is quickly becoming a scourge.

When wheat grass is consumed daily it is believed to slow down the aging process

There is no doubt that we all want to look younger and most of us go to extreme extends just to look younger. Wheat grass is one of those rare ingredients which naturally helps you to look younger and for longer. It is an abundant source iron and vitamins. These come in handy in increasing both vitality and vigor. This way you have can comfortably adapt an active and healthy lifestyle.

What about the other ingredients?

Another main ingredient in this smoothie is the banana which is a component of most delicious smoothies. The banana has a sweet taste and a smooth texture which makes this delicious smoothie tasty even for a sweet tooth. The great taste makes it a healthy snack that can substitute junk food and processed foods which most of us consume as snacks. The nutritional benefits of bananas cannot be undermined.

The role of spinach is that it can help to strengthen muscles because it contains a powerful antioxidant known as C0-Q10 which strengthens all body muscles especially heart muscles which needs to remain sturdy in order to continually pumps blood throughout the body.

The berries add flavor and color to the smoothie while also being packed with a myriad of useful nutrients such as vitamin C and K, copper, manganese and fiber. The nutrients together help ward off diseases by promoting the immune system.

Almond milk is natural sweeteners, adds flavor and also helps water down the banana which can be quite heavy and sticky if not diluted generously.


Start by washing the banana, peeling it and then cutting into tiny pieces. Place the peeled and sliced banana in the fridge for close to four hours. This is an important step that many people either deliberately choose to skip or have no idea about. By blending the banana when it is ice-cold you will end up with a cold smoothly with creamy and smooth texture.

Wash the spinach as well thoroughly since the leaves tend to hold on to dirt and germs. When you are sure the spinach is clean use a sharp knife to chop this leafy vegetable into small pieces.

To a bowl mix all the ingredients together and mix them except the almond milk

Blend for a minute and add the almond milk when the smoothie starts achieving some liquid consistency. Blend again to achieve the desired consistency.

You can add a teaspoon of natural raw honey to elate the taste of this smoothie. The ideal time to add in honey is when you are adding the almond after the first blending session.  The honey also comes in handy in making the texture of the smoothie more sooth, gentle and enjoyable to eat anytime of the day.

Who is this smoothie most beneficial to?

This is a great option for the seasonal sweet tooth who finds it hard to consume healthy snacks. The mix of almond milk, berries and a banana packs this delicious drink with loads of sweet natural sugars. Such sugars unlike their artificial counterpart are harmless, soluble hence easily digestible. Do not accumulate in the body. Actually the fats natural fats present in this smoothie aid substantially in the digestion process by preventing problems such as constipation and abdominal pain.