The Toenail fungus is one of the species of a living organism that is visible in moist, dark surroundings, for example, under and around nails. It is an infection that is normal for nails and toenails. In severe condition, the nails that are affected will have a yellow or brown color. Nails can be thick or become brittle someday. For some people, it may be awkward, and they will also feel pain on this nail. The nail offers a safe coating that helps the fungus develop under it.

Some aspects allow fungi to include a nail foot injury, an unusual skin pH level, not maintaining good hygiene on foot, a reduced resistance force – the causes that cause nail fungus. It's good to use clean cotton and wool socks since they contain a feature for absorbing moisture from the feet and improving ventilation. Socks that are synthetic should be used; they do not have the character of moisture absorption.

In this section you will find a way to get new healthy toenails.

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