The treatment for ringing in the ear depends on the cause that caused the symptom and may include simple measures like removing a plug of wax that may be clogging the ear or using antibiotics to treat the infection that is causing this discomfort.

Despite the various causes, in most cases, tinnitus is caused by hearing loss, caused either by exposure to very loud sounds or even by aging itself, which is why it is more common in the elderly. Learn more causes at: Tinnitus in the ear. Thus, some of the most used treatments to treat ringing in the ears are:

What to do to treat Tinnitus
1. Remedies
There is no single remedy responsible for curing ringing in the ear, however, some can be used as forms of treatment or, at least, to relieve symptoms. Some options include:

  • Anxiolytics or antidepressants, such as Lorazepam or Sertraline, for example, as a way of relieving anxious and depressive symptoms, and can also improve the quality of sleep, which trigger or worsen tinnitus;
  • Vasodilators, which work by dilating the vessels in the ears, such as Betahistine or Cinnarizine, for example, can be useful in some situations, such as vertigo or spasm of the cerebral blood vessels;
  • Antihistamines, which have an effect on tinnitus due to their vasodilating and anticholinergic action.
    These medicines should be indicated by the doctor and, preferably, they should be used for a limited period of time, until the symptoms are relieved.

In addition, it is necessary to be treated with drugs if the person has a disease known to cause tinnitus, which can be diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or hyperthyroidism, for example, according to the doctor’s recommendations.

On the other hand, it is known that the use of some remedies can trigger tinnitus, and if they are being used by a person with this symptom, you should talk to the doctor to have them removed or replaced. Some examples are AAS, anti-inflammatory, chemotherapy, some antibiotics and diuretics.

2. Hearing aid
As the person who complains of ringing in the ear also often has considerable hearing loss, the use of hearing aids will help you to better identify external sounds, thus minimizing the attention given to ringing in the ears, which is a internal sound. Understand better how the hearing aid works and the main types.

3. Sound therapy
It is characterized by the use of sounds in the environment to decrease the perception of tinnitus, and includes putting white noises, music or sounds of nature for example, always with the aim of avoiding silence and reducing attention to tinnitus.

Currently, there are specific devices of different sizes and prices that can emit noise, and can be useful in many cases indicated with the guidance of an ENT and speech therapist.