Stress can trigger type 2 diabetes


The number of people with problems with blood glucose levels has increased alarmingly. Some studies does stress affect diabetes, which attempt to bring up the reasons for this growth, have examined several factors, including physical activity, diet and family history.

However, more and more, there is evidence that the environment in which we live plays an even greater role than genetics. For example, when we find ourselves in a stressful situation, our body releases a hormone called cortisol into the bloodstream – how does stress affect diabetes?

This substance is responsible for increasing blood glucose, directing cells to resist insulin signals and storing glucose in the blood to keep it available for the moment when the muscles are going to use it for burning – how does stress affect diabetes.

In the event of tense situations does stress affect diabetes, cortisol is released to help provide the body with enough energy to fight or flee the threat. When cortisol levels are consistently high, but there is no physical activity to mitigate the effects of chronic stress, the consequences can contribute to the development of type 2.1 diabetes.

This is because this high amount of cortisol in the body results in greater resistance to insulin, which forces the pancreas to produce more of this hormone to obtain a response. With this happening continuously, insulin-producing cells wear out, causing type 2.1 diabetes.

Does your stress affect your body’s glucose? How does stress affect diabetes?

It is very easy to find out. According to the American Diabetes Association, before checking your glucose values, write down your mental stress level on a scale of 1 to 10. Then write the blood glucose value on the side.2After a week, draw a graph so you can see how your stress is going. If in really tense moments, you have higher glucose levels and on low stress days, lower blood glucose levels, in fact your routine may be affecting your health and you need to be careful. Talk to your doctor about it and try to find ways to relax.2