Foods that are Great for Diabetics

Foods that are Great for Diabetics

Diabetes is a debilitating illness that affects millions of people globally. According to reliable statistics, Diabetes kills more than 2 million people globally every year. This is despite the fact that Diabetes is a chronic condition that can easily be managed by living healthy (maintaining an active lifestyle and also eating healthy foods that can regulate blood sugar levels.

People with diabetes normally encounter a rough time figuring out what to eat. This is because they need to strike the delicate balance between nutritious and great for blood sugar. They can not just eat anything. Foods that they incorporate with their meals should be able to keep their blood sugar under control. It’s also important in your diet as a diabetic to ensure that foods you eat can help prevent complications that make diabetes more challenging to effectively manage such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Below are foods that can be great for both diabetics type 1 and type 2

1) Fatty fish

A very healthy food as far as heart health is concerned.anchovies, sardines, salmon, and herring make for great sources of the omega 3 fatty acids which are very beneficial to the health of the heart. Since diabetics have an increased risk of stroke and heart-related diseases, getting these fats in the right quantities will be very beneficial to their health.

Studies show that those who eat fatty fish on a regular basis have a reduced risk of dying heart-related diseases. Additionally, since the kind of fish that they contain is completely natural, it means that it will not increase blood sugar levels and make your diabetes worse.

2) Leafy greens

Vegetables are a must have in all meals whether you have Diabetes or not. However, when you have Diabetes you cannot help but each a much as possible so as to remain healthy. Kale, spinach are examples of these. They are very nutritious, low in calories. They have very low digestible carbs, which tend to raise the levels in blood sugar. Leafy greens are great sources of vitamins and minerals. Particularly vitamin C.

Furthermore, leafy greens contain antioxidants in the form of lutein and zeaxanthin which protect the eye (macular degeneration and cataracts).these complications of the eye are normally associated with diabetes.How you cook your vegetables will ascertain their nutritional value. Avoid overboiling the vegetables because this will not only make them tasteless but also make it less nutritional. In fact, for Diabetes it is best to incorporate foods into your diet through smoothies and salads. Eating raw and natural vegetables will help you nutritionally and also keep your blood sugar levels in check.

3) Eggs

Eggs have a lot of benefits to your health. They can also keep one full for hours. Consumption of eggs on a regular basis has the potential to reduce risks of heart disease. Eggs help in increasing your good HDL levels of cholesterol and helps shape the bad LDL cholesterol

Additionally, eggs are a source of lutein and zeaxanthin, the antioxidants that help protect the eyes from disease. It is best to ask your doctor about including eggs in your diet and how to eat them without compromising your health. This is because eggs also carry a lot of Cholesterol that is not a good idea for Diabetes.

4) Cinnamon

Apart from being delicious cinnamon is rich in antioxidants. Several studies have shown that cinnamon can help reduce the levels of sugar in the blood and also improve insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon can also help control cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Cinnamon is quite easy to include in your meals in sauces, soups and even baked goods. Cinnamon has a strong smell that has also been shown to significantly suppress appetite. When you are in control of your Diabetes, it becomes much easier to keep your blood sugar levels within the normal range.

5) Turmeric


This is a spice with great health benefits. it has an active ingredient known as curcumin which can lower inflammation and also lower blood sugar levels, which in turn reduces the risk of heart diseases. Curcumin also benefits kidney health in people with diabetes. This is so vital since diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure

6) Nuts

Nuts are very delicious and high in nutrients. Nuts are rich in fiber and have very low digestible carbs. Below is the amount of digestible carbs in every 28g serving of nuts

  • Almonds:2.6grams
  • Brazil nuts:1.4grams
  • Cashews:7.7 grams
  • Hazelnuts:2grams
  • Pecans:1.2 grams
  • Walnuts:2 grams
  • Macadamia:1.5 grams

According to research carried out on a variety of nuts, consumption of nuts on a regular basis reduces inflammation and lowers the amount of sugar in the blood of diabetics.

7) Broccoli

Broccoli is a vegetable that is very rich in nutrients. Take half a cup of cooked broccoli for example; it contains 27 calories alongside 3 grams of digestible carbs. You will also get vital nutrients such as vitamin C and magnesium in the same half a cup of cooked broccoli. Studies have also indicated that broccoli can also help lower levels of insulin. In addition, broccoli also contains lutein and zeaxanthin the antioxidants that prevent eye diseases.

There are so many people who consider broccoli tasteless and devoid of flavor. This is absolutely not true, there are so many interesting ways to cook broccoli so that it actually becomes an enjoyable part of your meals. There are numerous recipes online that are simple yet genius when it comes to cooking broccoli right. When looking up recipes there are a few rules to keep in mind such as; limit the amount of oil and do not overcook.

8) Strawberries

Strawberries apart from being highly nutritious are rich in an antioxidant called anthocyanins which is responsible for their red appearance. These antioxidants are known for reducing not only insulin levels but also cholesterol levels.

Consider a 1 cup serving of strawberries: This contains 11 grams of carbs (3 of the fiber) and 49 calories. Generally, strawberries are fruits with very low amounts of sugar and have properties that may help you reduce the risks of a heart disease.

9) Dark chocolate

Chocolate rich in flavonoids is a good diabetic food. Research shows that flavonoids lower insulin resistance. These nutrients have also been found to lower the risks of stroke and also calm blood pressure. Your risk for heart attack can also be reduced by close to 2%.

10) Chia seeds

Being rich in fiber chia seeds are great for diabetics. They are also very low in digestible carbs. The fiber in chia seeds lowers the blood sugar levels by reducing the rate at which food is absorbed (through your gut)

Chia seeds also help you keep your weight in check because fiber reduces the need to eat and also makes you feel fuller for longer. In addition, there is evidence that chia seeds reduce blood pressure and inflammation

11) Flaxseeds

A great deal of healthy food to people living with diabetes. Part of the insoluble fiber found in flaxseeds comprises of lignans which can lower down the risk for heart diseases and control blood sugar.

12) Garlic

Studies have found garlic to reduce inflammation, keep blood sugar under control and also reduce cholesterol levels in type 2 diabetics. it has also been found in lowering the blood pressure in diabetics.

These are some of the foods that can help diabetics live a normal life. Most of them are easily available. If diabetes is not controlled it can lead to an increase in the risk of contracting other serious diseases. However having some of these foods in your diet can help keep your blood sugar in check, inflammation and insulin will also be kept under control.

Additional tips on maintaining a healthy diet with Diabetes

No alcohol or drinking

Alcohol makes your body work extra hard to get rid of the toxins especially the liver. This is additional stress that your body does not need especially when you are also battling Diabetes. Knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals prefer that Diabetics quit alcohol completely because it only makes diabetes harder to manage. Alcohol is not easy to quit especially if you are an addict, what you need is to surround yourself with people who are supportive and don’t put you in a situation where you are tempted to drink alcohol.

Drink at least two liters of water in a day

If you are suffering from Diabetes,your main intention with the management of the disease is to ensure that your body is equipped with all that it needs to remain healthy and also enhance the functioning of your immune system. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily. To be on the safe side ensure that the water is clean. When a Diabetic person is dehydrated, it only makes it harder for your to manage your blood sugar levels.

No junk or processed food

No matter the sugar levels labelled on the p[packaging, there are chances that the sugar level in your favorite snack is higher than represented. To be safe it is better to avoid junk and processed foods completely. This foods will increase your blood sugar levels to a level where your Diabetes might start flaring up.