Diabetes Destroyed By J. Borden And R. Everett Review

Diabetes Destroyed By J. Borden And R. Everett Review


Diabetes Destroyed Review

Whether it is common cold, cough or fever, any type of body Diabetes-Destroyed reviewailment comes with its own pains and sufferings, however, when it is Diabetes Mellitus or any other chronic disease, the pain and suffering is manifolds. Diabetes Mellitus is famous for being the silent killer disease, as there are no serious short term consequences, but in the long term it can result in damage, dysfunction and/or failure of various vital organs of the body. I can tell this based on my personal experiences with this deadly disease. Initially I did not take it seriously and considered it “no big deal” till I started making my life miserable. In the early stages, I started feeling the following symptoms:

  • I started feeling thirsty and hungry quite often
  • I started feeling the urge to urinate quite often especially during night
  • I started feeling tired and weak
  • I started noticing blurred eye sight
  • I started losing weight
  • My wounds took more time to heal
  • I started losing interest in my sexual life
  • I started feeling depressed

These abnormal changes in my daily life pushed me to go visit my doctor to find out the real cause behind them. No surprise, my doctor diagnosed me with a “Type 2 Diabetes” after conducting various lab tests on my blood and urine samples. My doctor also advised me that if left unattended or untreated, Diabetes Mellitus can lead of various life threatening complications, such as:

  • Heart attack/stroke
  • Kidney failure
  • Blindness
  • Poor Blood circulation
  • Alzheimer’s disease

I got so scared that I started taking three different kinds of medications that my doctor advised me. Although I enjoyed some relief after taking these medications regularly, but unfortunately I was not able to get rid of this disease. I was not satisfied with the temporary relief that these allopathic medications provided me, so I began my journey to find an effective and lasting cure to get rid of Diabetes Mellitus once and for all. My search for the permanent solution to Diabetes Mellitus gave me an opportunity to read the “Diabetes Destroyed” program by Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden, and I am glad that I spend some time reading this guide that changed by perceptions about treating Diabetes Mellitus all together.

I feel obliged to share my understanding and experience of using this program with more than 40 million Americans who suffer from Diabetes. I hope that just like me, one day they will be able to lead a Diabetes free life.

What is this program all about?

First things first, let us get this straight that the “Diabetes Destroyed” program by Ricky Main_symptoms_of_diabetes.svgEverett and Joseph Borden is not a miracle treatment program. If you are expecting some sort of quick fixes to your diabetes problem, you should leave this page. In fact, it is a holistic approach to cure Diabetes by bringing about lifestyle changes and following a strict diet plan. So, the effectiveness of this program is depends on your seriously you take it and follow the step-by-steep instructions provided in this e-book. One thing is for sure, this guide will help you minimize your dependency on taking those OTC drugs that cause a lot of other side effects in the long run.

After a long lasting research, Dr. Joseph Borden and Ricky Everett (a marathon runner, a researcher and an acute Diabetic) were able to come up with one of the best diabetes treatments protocols ever existed. The protocols described in their famous publication “Diabetes Destroyed” helped my body:

  • improve insulin production
  • keep sugar levels in the normal range
  • reverse the signs and symptoms of Diabetes in just 28 day

Both Dr. Joseph and Ricky Everett conducted extensive research to find a permanent cure to the Diabetes menace. Most of their researches revealed FFAs (free fatty acids) as the real culprits behind the occurrence of this disease. According to their research the free floating FFAs in the bloodstream affect the functions of the liver and pancreas, thereby disturbing their ability to produce right amounts of insulin to breakdown the sugar molecules, as a result of which the blood sugar levels go up. Ricky Everett and Dr. Joseph Borden came up with a list of some fruits and vegetables which help in reducing the levels of FFAs in your body. Once the FFAs levels are maintained at the normal levels, the pancreas is able to work effectively and produce the right amount of insulin to bring back the sugar metabolism back to the non-diabetic levels instantly.

What is included in the Diabetes Destroyed Package?

This e-book comes in two sections, both aimed at controlling the amount of FFAs in your body by using all-natural means.

  • Section I – the first section of this guide focuses on foods items rich in Niacin.
  • Section II – the second par to this guide focuses on herbs/shrubs/supplements that contain organic mineral and vitamins to boost your immune system

By combining the power of Niacin-rich foods, such as fish, meat, legumes with the power of herbal extracts, your body is well prepared to destroy the free floating FFAs and improve insulin production, thereby reducing the diabetes symptoms.

What are the Pros & Cons?


  • All Natural All the Way – although the traditional OTC diabetes medications help control the blood sugar levels, however they work as long as you take them and come with other side effects. The “Diabetes Destroyed” program, on the other hand is void of any side effects whatsoever. Once you start following this all-natural program, you will start witnessing changes in your life. These changes are permanent in nature as this approach focuses on dealing with the root cause of the problem. So, it does not matter if you forget to follow your diet plan for a day or two, there won’t be any issues.
  • Verified Facts – the research conducted by Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden is based on the solid reasoning. Several other researchers also carried out their study to find out the linkage between the FFAs and diabetes and found out the same results. Many authentic websites, such as American Diabetes Association also shows the same findings providing the authenticity of the research conducted by Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden.
  • Targeted Action – the various diabetes treatments protocols shared by Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden in their publication “Diabetes Destroyed” focus on targeting the root cause of the problem, the FFAs, which means long lasting results and not a quick-fix.
  • Non Specific Treatment – the “Diabetes Destroyed” program is not specific to treating only Diabetes Type II, but it is equally effective in treating the Type I diabetes as well.
  • Fits your Budget – unlike the traditional OTC diabetes medications which you have to buy every month and spend hundreds of dollars, this guide is almost free when you compare the costs of both methods. You only have to spend a few dollars to buy this highly effective approach to cure your diabetes and then all you need to do is simply follow the instructions. Even a person like me, who finds it hard to make the ends meet, can adjust it in the budget quite easily. The ingredients required to comply with the directions described in this program are also very budget friendly.
  • Money Back Guarantee – the product is backed by a 60 Day money back guarantee, showing how much trust and belief the two authors have about the effectiveness of their program.


  • Requires Full Dedication and Commitment – the program is effective only when you have full confidence and faith in it. It requires a lot of patience, commitment and dedication from your side.
  • Varied Results – depending on the stage of your diabetes, your age and the condition of your body organs, especially pancreas, the results of the program may vary.
  • A Digital Product Only – the “Diabetes Destroyed” is a downloadable guide which comes in the PDF format and can be viewed on your computer or other digital devices, such as iPads.

My Final words

With the passage of time, people are becoming more health-conscious and they want to Diabetes-Destroyed review 1adopt this strategy to treat their illnesses as well. This is the reason there has been a steady shift from the traditional to the alternative ways of treating different diseases and illnesses. Ricky Everett and Dr. Joseph Borden have done a marvelous work by providing them an effective and all-natural approach to cure Diabetes once and for all. People like me who relied on OTC medications prescribed by the doctors now have a better and healthy option to control and cure this deadly disease. Instead of spending thousands of dollars every year to purchase the allopathic medicines, and exposing my body to various side effects, I prefer following the all-natural Diabetes treatment protocols as described in this highly effective guide. I give me an opportunity not only to control my diabetes and gradually get rid of the root cause of the problem to enjoy the pre-diabetic life again.