1 Fruit that destroys diabetes


Poorly silent, diabetes affects between 12 and 14 million Brazilians fruit destroys diabetes. The diagnosis, however, is no longer a sentence of lack of quality of life. “It is a chronic, progressive disease, with no cure, but it can be controlled so that the person has a healthy and absolutely normal life”, says endocrinologist Augusto Pimazoni Netto, coordinator of the Diabetes Education and Control Group at the Hospital do Rim e Hipertensão, an institution linked to the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp).

There are basically three types of the disease: type 1 diabetes, which is usually diagnosed in childhood and adolescence. It represents about 10% of patients and it is an autoimmune reaction of the body, which starts to attack the cells of the pancreas. Thus, the organ stops producing insulin what is the fruit that destroys diabetes – a hormone that takes glucose (the sugar in food fruit destroys diabetes) from the blood into the cells to be transformed into energy.

Type 2 diabetes is usually diagnosed in adults, usually after the age of 40, and is usually associated with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. It involves the other 90% of patients. Excess fat in the body causes insulin resistance, making it difficult for the pancreas to work, which can collapse.Finally, there is gestational diabetes, which usually occurs in pregnancy in women with a predisposition. It may or may not persist after delivery and affects up to 25% of pregnant women.

Do you know what fruit destroys diabetes?

What happens in the diabetic’s body – one fruit that destroys diabetes
When food is eaten, the pancreas is stimulated to produce insulin, a hormone essential for carbohydrate metabolism. Every 1 fruit that destroys diabetes carbohydrate will be turned into glucose. Insulin is the one that transports glucose through the blood and carries it into the cells, where it will be transformed into energy. Insulin acts as a “key”, which opens the cell door for glucose to enter. (Art / SEE)