VitaPulse Coupon Code


Promotional codes, also known as coupons, offer a credit to the advertiser’s account. There is no way to request a VitaPulse Coupon Code, but Google and its partners occasionally offer promotional codes as part of specific offers. This article explains the criteria for promotional codes and how they work with the various payment settings.

Offer criteria, coupon code for vitapulse
In most offers, you must meet certain criteria for the credit to appear in your account. In addition, these credits are typically intended for new advertisers with new accounts. See the terms provided with the promotional code for more details.

For example, we may have an introductory offer like “Spend $ 25 and earn $ 50”. To get the R $ 50 credit, you must enter the promotional code on the Promotions page within 14 days of creating the account and then receive at least R $ 25 in clicks on the account. After you spend $ 25, you will receive a $ 50 credit to your account within five days.

We only consider the amount spent after entering the code. If you spend R $ 25.00 before entering the code, this amount will not be considered when using your offer.

To use your credit, you must also have entered billing details in your account. Also, keep in mind that promotional credit is only good for advertising. If you cancel your account before you spend all of your credit, the remaining balance will not be refunded, but pay attention for your coupon code for vitapulse.