Lifestyle Changes that help lower cholesterol levels

Lifestyle Changes that help lower cholesterol levels

Your lifestyle, do you ever stop to think about it. Is it busy? Are you content? Are you working out? Do you eat healthy? This daily practices make up a lifestyle. If you don’t thinks about your health, cholesterol levels will rise steadily. Here are 5 lifestyle changes that will get you started on the right track.

Fill your diet with heart-healthy foods

Do you know that close to 40% of the population start dealing with high cholesterol effects at the tender age of just 40 years old? To help ensure that you are preventing heart ailment, start eating healthily. Dairy products and red meat raise level of bad cholesterol. Avoid fatty meat, opt for leaner meat cuts. Also eliminate any dairy products from the diet. Experts also advice cutting out trans-fats, these are present in many processed foods such as snack cakes, crackers and cookies.

Another way to ensure your diet is heart healthy is by eliminating trans-fats

Don’t let the packaging fool you, the ‘trans-fat free’ label is merely a marketing term that convinces potential users to buy. Add monounsaturated fats to your diet through using virgin oils such as canola oil and olive oil. You can easily avoid trans-fats by eating small amount of trans-fats. Focus on natural and organic foods such as vegetables and fruits. If processed foods are an absolute necessity, take your time to go through the list of ingredients. Increase the amount of soluble fibre that you consume daily.

Adopt a physically active lifestyle

One of the most effective ways to improve engagement in physical activity is through exercising, start by setting up a well-though exercise regimen. Working out regularly will raise good HDL cholesterol which is healthy. Thirty minutes of exercise daily is ideal if your doctor approves. Quitting your sedentary lifestyle is not as hard as most people think. It is about small gradual changes and consistency.

 Here are few ways to get started in the right direction

Play an outdoor sport that you enjoy

One of the most effective ways is to ensure you are making physically engaging your body to burn fat while simultaneously building lean muscle.

Swim Often

A great way to relax and reduce stress is by starting swimming on a regular basis. If you cannot swim, don’t give it up. Starting swimming lessons, it is a great way to exercise and tome muscles.

Quit Tobacco

A bad habit that the large percentage of the population has a challenge quitting is smoking tobacco. While most people are aware of the hazards of smoking, it is a highly addictive habit that is extremely challenging to quit. According to knowledgeable and experienced experts, within just a few week of quitting, your heart rate will go down and blood pressure will decrease. If you quit smoking for 15 years, you risk developing heart ailment will go down substantially. It will be similar to a person who has never smoked tobacco all their life.

Try to shed weight

Being overweight even by a few pounds contributes to elevated cholesterol levels. One of the best ways to keep your weight in check is by creating realistic exercise and diet regimen. This does to mean starving yourself or physically overexerting yourself. If you are a beginner it is best to start slow and gradually boost the tempo when it comes to exercise.

Tips on creating a great exercise regimen

Star by seeking the advice of a doctor who understands your medical history they will be able to help you decide whether exercising daily is healthy for you or not. This is is especially important if you have any underlying diseases such Diabetes and High blood pressure

Your body will take time to get used to the physical activity in the beginning so start slow so that you don’t shock your system. You can start with walking exercises then slowly increase both the scope of exercise and intensity. The human body adapts pretty quickly, within sometime you will notice that you can exercise regularly without overexerting yourself or injuring your body.

Dieting Tips

When it comes to weight loss, dieting is still extremely controversial. This is because there is a thin line between healthy dieting and straight up starving yourself. When it comes to dieting for permanent weight loss, the aim is to eat a healthy diet and eat smaller portions. Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction:

  • Replace processed sugars and fats with vegetables and fruits with a better nutritional value.
  • Drink more water to help curb overeating and also help with digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Consider using mono-unsaturated fats such as virgin olive and canola oil which are low in cholesterol and are generally healthier.

Making lifestyle changes is not as easy as it sounds. Most people make really resolutions that mostly involve changing their lifestyles to become healthier. If you ask these people after a few months, if they are truthful will confess that they did not achieve much of anything that they set up to do. Many people plan on making these lifestyle changes for years and never fulfil them leading to high cholesterol levels and lifestyle ailments. Here is some advise that will help you be more consistent in all the changes that you make;


It is going to take time before you start noticing positive results. Think about it for a second, you have been eating processed foods all your life, Eating healthy for a few weeks will not reverse all the damage. The change will be gradual but it begins on the inside before you notice them externally.

Positive attitude and peer pressure


Look for peer support from persons who are also trying to lie healthy and cut down cholesterol levels. Asocial media has certainly come with its own evils, but there is no denying that it can connect you with millions of people who are trying to achieve a similar goal to yours.


Appreciate yourself

Reward yourself for consistency and celebrate any small goal that you get to achieve. For instance at the end of the week look back and congratulate yourself for keeping up with the exercise regimen and diet you set up.

Finally, make it fun! Wear an outfit you love while working out and make the healthy meal delicious. It will play a key role in helping you remain persistent despite the challenges that you face.Sometimes cutting down cholesterol comes down to being able to choose what to eat, amount and appropriate time. This is extremely difficult if you are unable to suppress cravings. This next section is focused on helping you develop healthier eating habits.

5 Diet Supplements that will help to Suppress Appetite

It is no secret that overeating is the major cause of more people becoming obese day by day. Nowadays it is one of the most complicated and challenging issues in health. Controlling the urge to grab that next pizza or burger can be an uphill task.

A number of reasons though can make you feel hungry including deficiency in nutrients, lack of fiber in your diet, tiredness or an aggravated amount of emotional stress. While this may be what you are going, it doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Incorporating certain kinds of natural appetite suppressants will help you achieve satisfaction when you eat and hence avoid overeating. Before we take a look at 5 diet supplements that will help suppress your appetite, first let us look at what an appetite suppressant is.

What exactly is an appetite suppressant?

Appetite suppressants can be pills, drinks or even whole foods that may help deal with eating disorders by regulating the levels of hunger hormones like leptin and ghrelin.the levels of these hormones normally fluctuate during the day depending on such factors like your mood, sleep, genetics, how much you have ate in recent times, your current weight and not forgetting your inflammation levels.


other additional benefits of appetite suppressants is that they may help you lose weight by burning stored fats to produce energy(thermogenics),improve the balance of  your blood sugar and glucose levels, cut your cravings for junks and sweets and also improve your thyroid health. Now given below are some of the best five diet supplements that will help you suppress that appetite.

Green tea extract

Green tea can be said to be one of the healthiest beverages around. It has been in existence for thousands of years. Recently a number of antioxidants and other substances present in green tea have been found to be beneficial to metabolic processes and in regulation of appetite hormones.

In a study to test the effects of green tea extract on the appetite of adults it was found that those who took around 857mg of green tea extract for a period of 12 weeks had significantly lower levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin as compared to those who did not(control group). Additionally, those who took green tea extracts showed an improvement in levels of cholesterol and an increase in adiponectin levels as compared to the control group. Even though not every study shows strong weight loss progress with taking of green tea extract, incorporating about 800-900mg on a daily basis will surely help take care of your appetite problems.


Increasing intake of fiber must be one of the surest way of curbing your appetite. Glucomannan among the soluble fiber supplement seems to be one of the most effective when you want to reduce your appetite and intake of food. Glucomannan will help you achieve satisfaction and delay your emptying of stomach due to its bulking property, consequentially leading to reduced food intake and weigh loss.

In a study involving 83 overweight people it was found that they experienced a significant body weight reduction after taking supplements that contained 3grams of glucomannan together with 300mg of calcium carbonate for a period of two months. This supplement is normally considered safe and can be very effective in your quest to suppress that appetite. However you must ensure that you take it with 1-2 glasses of water to prevent you from chocking which is a property associated with glucomannan. The dosage for this supplement should be 1gram three times a day. Ensure to take it at least 15 minutes before your meal.

Saffron extract

According to research taking this supplement has positive impact on mood regulation. Saffron extract increases serotonin and endorphin levels. This in turn leads to improvement in symptoms of depression thereby preventing you from emotional overeating.

As a matter of fact this supplement has been shown to work almost as similar to low dose antidepressant drugs. In addition crocetin,a chemical that is present in saffron extract has the potential to reduce fatigue and help you increase energy expenditure. For you to get the antidepressant effects of saffron extract, aim at a daily dosage of 30mg and use it for up to 8 weeks.


This is a herb from the legume family. The seeds are the commonly used parts after they have been dried.this herb contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. We all know how important fiber is if you want to feel fullness in your stomach. Due to its high fiber content this herb has a lot of health benefits to offer such as regulation of blood sugar levels, reduction of cholesterol and most importantly control of appetite. It works by slowing down the absorption of carbs and fat and also it helps slow down stomach emptying. This in turn results into reduced appetite.

Research also indicates that fenugreek is a very safe supplement to use with very few to zero side effects.The dosage for a whole seed is 2-5 grams but if you are interested in a capsule the dosage is 0.5-1 gram.

Yerba mate

This is a plant that originates from South America that is known for its energy boosting abilities. Studies conducted on animals indicate that eating yerba mate over a period of 4 weeks can reduce food and water intake significantly and thereby help with weight loss In a study of 12 healthy women it was found that taking 2 grams of yerba meat prior to a 30 minute exercise of cycling led to a reduction of appetite and even boosted metabolic functions together with energy levels.

This supplement is safe and does not have any known side effects that you should be worried about.If you are taking it as tea 3 cups or 330 ml in a day should be sufficient. In powder form take 1-1.5 grams a day.It is worth noting that you should always pay attention after using a certain kind of supplement, as some may have reactive properties with your body depending on your health status. If you encounter any problem make a point of seeking the services of your professional health care provider

Appetite goes hand in hand with working out. Here are factors to take into consideration when selecting an effective work out plan;

You may be planning to get your body into shape. Just like any activity that you wish to undertake, working out needs a laid out plan that is tailored to your needs. Without a plan it may be a toll order achieving your objectives. You are not expected to just wake up one morning and hit the gym without any form of program.There are a number of factors that will influence your decision to choose one workout plan over the other. No matter the program you choose the most important thing is to plan, get started and follow the steps to the latter. Do not rush, just enjoy the whole process and develop some degree of commitment that will help improve your body

The main questions people ask themselves before embarking on a workout program are; what do you do when you are just starting out, and what can you do to personalize the program to fit your needs.Below we take a look at some of the factors that will help guide you in choosing a workout program that will fit your fitness needs,.

Your goal

What do you want to achieve after a certain period of working out. Goals should be both short term and long term. You should ensure that you are not vague at all when setting out goals. They should be as absolute as possible. Avoid saying something like “I want to have reduced a number of kilos after about two months”. instead it should be “I want to have reduced 6 kgs after 60 days” and so forth.If you leave it broad it will be very difficult to weigh your progress in future.

Your skill level

Are you new to the exercise? Or may you used to do it at some point in your life and took a break. Skill will have a major influence in the type of workout program you will choose. Whether you are new to the program or you are coming back after a certain period of lay off the last thing you would wish to do is to jump off straight away to an advanced program. For example when working out in the gym a beginners program will be absolutely different from a person who has a set of skills in say weight lifting. It will be important in this case to therefore learn beforehand so as to prevent any form of injury that may further deal a blow to your progress

Your recovery ability

The right workout plan is one that takes into consideration the ability of your muscles to recover especially after an intense workout. Each of our bodies recover differently and therefore you will need to tailor your program to your own recovery abilities. For those new to work out there is a way you can be able to determine your approximate recovery period. At some point in your life maybe you were involved in a moderate or even intense activity. How long did it take you to recover? Or maybe you recovered immediately or after one day. This should give you a clue on how to design your workout program.