Nootropics and Their benefits


Nootropics are also known as “smart drugs dangers of nootropics” for the benefits they promise, which are not few: increase mental performance and act as cognitive enhancers. Its popularity in recent years has skyrocketed to the point that thousands of people already include in their breakfast that golden pill with which to be more productive at work, do we have benefits of nootropics? Check what are nootropics!

To contextualize the nootropics a little, just remember the “Limitless” series. In it, Bradley Cooper was taking an experimental drug called “NZT-48”. Soon after consuming it, his world became more vivid, his senses were heightened and his cognitive potential went up to 200%, to the point that he was able to learn several languages fluently, to be a genius in finance in Wall Street or remember everything you had seen, read and heard.

But the question is dangers of nootropics, are these nootropics really effective? According to Bruno Motti, a Brazilian entrepreneur with companies in Asia, Africa and Brazil, “Nootropics are quite effective, depending on their formulation, of course, they are natural supplements that stimulate brain performance and have no side effects”.

With so much popularity, the drug is beginning to attract the attention of civilian scientists. In 2003, researchers at the University of Cambridge decided to test the drug on 60 healthy and rested volunteers. And they discover a surprising effect. Under the effect of the drug, they performed much better on some cognitive tests. In other words: technically, the medicine made the volunteers more intelligent. They felt very well and did not experience any side effects.

Benefits perceived by research conducted in the USA indicate that in the short term: what are nootropics? performance-oriented thinking, such as focus, short-term memory, resistance to stress and others that help give a more immediate margin to productivity, intensity, competition, deadline, exams , etc.

  • Improved memory.
  • Improved behavior in adverse conditions.
  • Protection of the brain from injury by physical or chemical means.
  • Improvement of tonic cortical / subcortical control mechanisms.
  • Demonstrate a profile of low toxicity and side effects.

An absolute success in countries like China and the USA, most of the nootropics found in the country are imported. Therefore, it is common for people to be suspicious at first. The lack of information also contributes. On the internet it is easy to find websites, blogs and forums that discuss the amount of nootropics that can be consumed and the experiences of those who use them. With the popularity, the worldwide demand is increasing and has led companies to sell pills with several nootropic substances, such as omega 3 and caffeine. Among these companies, it is worth mentioning Nootrobox and Nootroo, located in Silicon Valley in the USA.

Finally, businessman Bruno Motti summarizes Gobrain Brasil objectively: “There are two jars with 60 capsules each: the first with ginkgo biloba and ginseng to help the cognitive system; memory, learning and blood circulation. The second, with taurine, tyrosine, caffeine, guarana and vitb12; to help with vigor, concentration, focus and productivity. ”

According to the testimony of Luciano Pace, a food, vehicle and solar energy entrepreneur, one of the first customers of GoBrain Brazil, “the effects appear on the same day, I take 1 pill from each pot a day, and I felt my productivity and mental strength increases, I come home at night and still have the energy to work on the strategic issues of my companies. ”