Neuracel Reviews – The Best Pain Relief?

Neuracel Reviews – The Best Pain Relief?

Millions of people suffer from the agonizing nerve pain, but most of the modern treatment

neuracel reviewsalternatives offer only short-term pain relief, leaving patients feeling frustrated and stressed up. If you have been looking for a better and more effective natural treatment option for nerve pain, then you should definitely try Neuracel.

What is Neuracel

This refers to a natural nerve pain supplement that is marketed as an all-natural nerve pain remedy. Neuracel is formulated to fight various types of pain associated with nerve pains and existing in different parts of the human body (from slight to more severe). It should be consumed daily so as to lessen the nerve pain and offer a long lasting effect later on.

The complete, natural nerve pain “miracle” helps those suffering from Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Sciatica and other conditions. The manufacturer says that all the ingredients contained in Neuracel are sourced and manufactured in the USA and that it is suitable for vegans.


Neuracel is manufactured and marketed by a company known as SuccessEtc, based in Boise, Idaho. The direct marketing company also sells other products and services through the internet.


Neuracel contains 5 “miracle” plant and flours ingredients which include California Poppy, Prickly Ash Bark, Coridalis Yanhusuo, Passionflower, and Lobelia. The manufacturer formulated the ingredients into a powder, extracted the active components and integrated them into simple-to-take capsules of Neuracel supplement for daily maintenance.

1. California Poppy: This is a kind of flower that is widely found in South West part of the US. Apart from its beautiful appearance, the flower also offers amazing benefits to nerve pain by promoting relaxation feeling and pain relief without becoming harmful or addictive.

2. Prickly Ash Bark: Prickly Ash Bark has various names such as Saturberry, Toothache Tree, Yellow Wood, or Zanthoxylum Americanum. The berry is found in tall bushes in different parts of the US. The ingredient promotes comfort in legs and arms and is effective in boosting the joints and supporting the immune system. It also prevents joint pain and cancer.

3. Coridalis Yanhusuo: Coridalis Yanhusuo comes from China. It is popularly known as an herbal sedative and pain relief treatment option in China. The ingredient relaxes the body muscles, giving you a good night sleep.

4. Passion Flower: It’s a powerful herb, also known as “Passiflora” that is found in the US, especially in the South part. Passion Flower has been used by many Native Americans for hundreds of years as a treatment alternative to pain, aches, and discomfort. The flower is purple in color and offers great calming effect.

5. Lobelia: This is a blue colored flower that is widely found in Asia and is well known for its muscle-relaxing properties. Chinese people and Indians use it as a traditional treatment alternative to modern medicine, especially in the treatment of respiratory and stomach problems. The ingredient is included in Nuracel as it helps promote calmness in extremities, including hands and feet.

Benefits of Neuracel

• Neuracel is safe: The supplement is manufactured from 100% all natural ingredients. You can safely take the pills every day.

• Offers cheap treatment: Neuracel acts as a perfect alternative to modern medications, and even surgery which is the recommended optional treatment method for nerve pain.

• Improves mood: A good mood enables you to have positive emotions and has a positive effect on your health.

• Allows you to be productive both at home and at work: Once you are active and productive, you will be able to finish your daily activities in time and enjoy life.

• Neuracel doesn’t contain addictive ingredients: Users do not have to rely on it completely as if they think that they will be attacked by pain if they don’t take the pills.

• Easy to use/take: Neuracel package comes with 90 capsules, and users are required to take three capsules, once per day for 24-hour nerve pain relief.

• No side effects: The oral supplement does not have adverse side effects just like most all-natural supplements.

• Combats all types of pain and discomfort: Neuracel deals with soreness, aches, stiffness and all kinds of pain that affect the body. It relieves and stops the following adverse effects of pain

i. Electrical sharp, shooting and burning sensation on the hands, legs arms, feet or the entire body.

ii. Unproductive days either at work or home.

iii. Frequent irritation.

iv. Difficulty in getting a good night sleep.

v. Pain from a raw exposed nerve.

vi. Inability to move, stretch or climb stairs.


• The oral supplement can not be found offline or in the brick and mortar stores.

Customer Opinions

A high percentage of customer reviews shows that Neuracel has helped a good number of patients/customers, and it really works. For example, a patient who has verified Neuracel purchase on Amazon has shared that he bought Neuracel on a friend’s recommendation. Although he was skeptical, in three days, he suddenly realized that he had no pain in either of his knees, and he was bouncing up the stairs.

Another customer has posted that the supplement did exactly what he hoped that it would do. The pain in his ankle and back are almost completely gone. He outlines that he was on his way to the doctor, but then decided to research the available treatment options, and that is how he learned about Neuracel. He concludes by saying that the product worked for him, and he hopes that it works for other customers.

Neuracel Price

Neuracel prices are based on the number of bottles and monthly packages as follows.

• 1-Bottle (1-Month Supply)- $69.99

• 3 Bottles (3 months supply)- $179.95

• 6 Bottles (6-Months supply)- $299.95

The above-listed charges don’t include shipping and handling costs which are valued at $14.95. Therefore, you will have to add $14.95 on top of your preferred package.

Where to buy Neuracel

If you would like to try Neuracel, you can easily place your order on the supplements official website. You can also get Neuracel from Amazon, and at a reduced price.


Neuracel is an excellent supplement for dealing with nerve pain. The manufacturer, SuccessEtc offers a 30-day money back guarantee which also applies to almost all of their products. In case you are not satisfied after 30 days of using Neuracel, you can return it and receive a full refund of your purchase price (less the shipping and handling costs) even if the bottle is empty.