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From “intellectual dopping” to “cognitive enhancement” – intellux review amazon
Intellectual dopping is as old as our knowledge of psychostimulant substances. What are they if not the traditional consumption of caffeine or nicotine intellux pill reviews? Check intellux where to buy. During the last decades of the 20th century, we began to find stronger substances, intellux nutrition for the brain is good?

The typical were drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin (Rubifen, Centramina or Concerta, by their trade names in Spain intellux brain supplement), used in certain attention disorders, which had very considerable effects and became very popular in the university and professional world of high level.

But what is now is unprecedented. “I’d say most tech companies will have at least one person on some of this intellux free trial,” said Jesper Noehr, CEO of BitBucket, a couple of years ago until he sold it to Atlassian. And looking at intellux free trial the dozens of groups intellux supplement, forums and blogs dedicated to “cognitive enhancement” it could be true. Press reports, interviews with top-level executives or comparisons of which products are best for depending on which psychological skills we want to improve.

The nootropic boom – intellux pill reviews
In 1964, Corneliu Giurgea, a Romanian psychopharmacologist, discovered piracetam. Currently, piracetam is used for cortical myoclonus intellux side effects (involuntary, rapid and brief movements of the muscles) and intellux pills review for attention and memory disorders (especially those related to degenerative diseases).

Giurgea realized that there was something there and, coinciding with the revival of the war on drugs, in 1972 he coined the term “nootropic” that wanted to separate certain psychoactive substances because they improved the cognitive function of the brain (and, apparently, they have a very low neurotoxicity and very few side effects).

We know that piracetam, for example, has moderate effects on memory and attention. Something that is also suspected in the more than 20 compounds within the same family: aniracetam, phenylpericetam, oxiracetam, intellux ingredients, etc … But currently nootropics are not limited only to those intellux amazon.