Tea Tox Reviews – Detoxify Your Body?

Tea Tox Reviews – Detoxify Your Body?

If you are new to the world of detoxing with tea and your goal is to lose weight through the natural way in tea-tox-reviewsa fast amount of time, improve your immune system, cleanse your body, reduce bloating and increase your metabolism, then you should definitely try tea tox. Tea tox works harmoniously with your body to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. So with continuous use of tea tox, you may experience healthier, clearer and younger looking skin and even better overall health. With that said, here is an honest review of this great product covering what it is, who created it, its benefits, how it works and whether it is safe to use or it is just another scam.

What is Tea tox and Who Created It?

Just as the words imply, tea tox has to do with using tea as a way to detoxify your body. So during tea tox you enjoy a combination of leaf teas and medicinal herbs that helps your body in detoxifying naturally. Available in an evening and daytime blend, Tea tox was created by The Teatox Company founded by Naturopathic Doctors whose aim was actually to create a loose leaf company that offered scientifically and ethically sound teas. The company is Toronto based but they ship their teas world wide.

Its Benefits

Tea tox offers a broad range of both health and beauty related benefits. Below are some of the most benefits in details but keep in mind you may not experience every single one of them yourself but definitely most of them if use tea tox the right way.

1. Source of antioxidants

Tea tox has some antioxidants properties that work to reduce the free radicals in the blood stream and prevent the oxidation of other molecules in the body. This helps in preventing wide range of illnesses and chronic diseases. The antioxidants properties present in tea tox also help reduce immune system problems, heart problems, mood disorders, eye and even memory problems.

2. Flush-out Toxins

Toxins exist all around us especially in the food we consume and even the air we breathe. These toxins usually affect the normal operation of most vital body organs including the kidney, liver and colon hence are very harmful. Fortunately, tea tox usually helps in getting rid of the toxins in the digestive tract and the intestines thereby improving the overall performance of the colon, liver and kidney. Perhaps this is the most obvious advantage of tea tox over regular forms of tea.

3. Increased metabolism

Another benefit is the speeding up of the metabolism. A faster metabolism enables the body to burn more body fat and calories even while resting allowing you to lose weight. Who in the world doesn’t want that? A fast metabolism also greatly boosts the body’s natural detox mechanisms.

4. Serves as a natural appetite suppressant

One of the major reasons why tea tox is effective is the fact that it is able to reduce a person’s food craving hence you fall hungry fewer times. So once you start using tea tox, you are less likely to indulge in snacks and junk food, because it has the ability of suppressing your appetite thereby making you less hungry. What’s more, the quantity of food intake will also reduce allowing you to achieve noticeable weight loss because you will not be consuming foods with high calories.

5. Improves Food Digestion

The improved digestive tract coupled with improved metabolism means your body gets better at absorbing all the nutrients you consume daily. This allows toxins in the body to be removed quickly through the colon before they get any chance of slipping into the blood stream. Therefore, a person can simply consume just small amounts of food and still get the correct nutritional supply the body requires for normal and optimum functioning.

Other Benefits

* Better sleep because of improved metabolism

* Increased energy levels

* Improved mood and even sense of well being

* Improved skin complexity

* Better thinking

* You tend to feel and look younger

Does It Really Work?

Yes, tea tox definitely works. It cleanses unwanted toxins and even chemicals from the body and creates an internal environment conducive to healing. Therefore it works provided you choose an effective brand. However, since everyone is different, the best way to find out if it actually works would be trying some for yourself.

Is Tea Tox a Scam?

Most users have reported the effectiveness of tea tox especially in tackling weight gain, boosting the immune system and even suppressing the appetite. In addition, it has been proven to work with many users posting their before and after pictures having lost some weight. For this reason, there is no doubt tea tox is definitely not a scam but a legit product created from organic, environmentally sustainable and ethically source. Therefore, it seems wise to include tea tox into your diet as it has a proven track record of benefits for almost every person.

Is it Safe for Use?

When taken as recommended, tea tox is very safe and effective health aid. It consists of safe, all natural, organic and herbal ingredients that have been used medicinally throughout history. Tea tox does not contain harsh laxatives which can lead to permanently damaged bowels, behavioral addiction to laxative use, nutrient deficiencies as well as physical dependency.

However, as with most health programs, people with existing health issues should always seek advice from a physician before consuming tea tox to avoid health complications. People taking prescription medication or are nursing or pregnant should also make sure they consult their health-care provider prior to using tea tox.

In addition, this product was created by a company that was founded by Naturopathic doctors who have done botany and physiology. These doctors did a great a research and even triple checked it and eventually hand-selected the loose leaf tea and herb combination used to make tea tox hence you can be sure tea tox is 100 percent safe for use.


You don’t need to get all complex when you want to boost your overall immune system and at the same time shed excess weight. So forget about taking tablets or consuming strange powders or mixes just to get the results you want. Try tea tox today and get to enjoy a wealth of its proven health benefits.