Tea-tox Review


Burdened by the party binges? The large meals of Christmas and New Year’s Eve make many “victims” every year. It is not just a problem of extra pounds, but of well-being in general. Lunches, dinners, heavy and high-calorie foods upset the body, make you feel swollen and exhausted, ruin the skin and upset the metabolism. In these cases, the help of a good detox tea can be very useful. A cup a day allows you to regain balance and purify yourself in a pleasant way.

Re-entering the ranks requires time, patience, a healthy lifestyle and a period of detoxification with which to purify the body of the accumulation of toxins, liquids and fats taken with food.

These drinks, in fact, in addition to being a real cure-all, are also very tasty. A true triumph of scents that come directly from nature. The herbs contained in them boast numerous beneficial properties. Therefore, depending on the composition, the effects of the detox tea you consume also change, so you need to choose the right one according to your needs and requirements.

Here, then, is a selection of beneficial drinks that will make the “post-Christmas purification” easier and more enjoyable.