Step by Step Guide on Living a Stress Free Life

Step by Step Guide on Living a Stress Free Life


Being happy, healthy and successful in the modern day fast-paced world that is monetary centered can be a daunting task mostly because we have no idea how to live wholesome fulfilling lives. Contrary to common misconception, happiness cannot be achieved through having unlimited cash, to be healthy and more fulfilled a person needs to succeed in all aspects of life. True happiness requires a satisfying career that you are passionate about, financial stability, good health, fulfilling relationships, peace of mind and zest for life. Is there a secret to a happy life? This is a question we have all asked ourselves at some point. The truth is there is no magical way to attain health and happiness. It takes a conscious effort, commitment and hard work. To help kick start your journey towards a happier and healthier life, here is brief but detailed rundown of 10 simple but effective ways to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life, without anxiety.

Take great care of your body

Your body is precious but not indestructible; you can only maintain great health and high self confidence by talking great care of your body. Taking care of your body is a daily routine that should not be ignored. Your physical acuity is a manifestation of how healthy, happy and fulfilled you are. Here is how you can ensure that your body remains in tip top shape

Eat a balanced diet consisting of nutritious food and lots of water

A healthy body requires god nutrition meaning eating foods that help build the body’s immunity against disease and help maintain a normal body weight. A good rule of the thumb that can guide you on your nutrition is making sure 80% percent of the food you consume is natural not processed. This means 80% of your diet should include foods such as vegetables, fruits lean meat and dairy, nuts, beans and whole grains. It is okay to indulge once in a while but don’t overdo it. Remember junk food literally shaves years off your life and increases the chances of developing life threatening ailments such as Diabetes.

Sleep adequately

It is essential to get adequate sleep at least 7hours every day. Reliable research ascertains that shortening your sleep duration to 5 hours every night can decrease life expectancy by close to 15 %. Good sleeps boosts the health of your heart, clears and restores your mind and also boosts your mood. A great mood and an energetic body is a manifestation of peaceful and reasonably durable sleep.

2.) Take some alone time everyday and asses yourself

To avoid losing sight of your inner being, create some time for yourself every day. Daily self assessment essentially involves taking an objective and unbiased look at your life and decisions you have made to determine whether you are on the right track or if you have lost direction. Ask yourself questions such as

  • Am I working hard enough in my career and relationships?

  • Is there anything holding me back, how can I eliminate the obstacle that is hindering my progress?

  • Do the friends I have add any value to my life?

  • How can I resolve conflict without getting into a verbal or physical altercation

Essentially a self assessment exercise allows you to step outside yourself and peak into your life so that you can objectively determine whether you are living the kind of life you want or desire. The innate ability to fulfill all your desires is essentially a manifestation of objective self assessment.

  • Adopt a well-thought out exercise regimen and stick to it

Keeping your body physically active not only helps to maintain a normal body weight but also helps you feel confident about your looks. Additionally, there are exercises that help you increase your concentration capability and help relieve stress to alleviate the possibility of becoming depressed. Some great exercise regimens you can consider include:

  • Going to the gym alone or working with a trainer
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Running daily
  • De-clutter your life

Rid yourself of any unnecessary baggage that is hindering you from being happy and progressing; this baggage can either be physical or emotional. Emotional baggage includes holding on to bitterness or guilt because of past mistakes or grudges as a result of being hurt or betrayed. The faster you heal and recover from any past traumas, the better your chances of being happier now and in future. Start by forgiving yourself; keep in mind that you are human and vulnerable to making errors. Forgiving yourself will enable you let go of bitterness and give you the strength to forgive others.

Baggage can also be in the form of holding onto bad romantic relationships that only hinder self actualization and achievement of personal goals. De-cluttering involve letting go of a lover who does not work hard to make you happy. Also get rid of any physical possessions that are only cluttering your space; you will feel much better donating such staff to charity or giving it to friends and family who actually need them.

  • Find an inspiring mentor/role model that you admire and emulate the techniques they use to achieve happiness, success and good health

The world is full of people who have succeeded in various aspects of life. Look for a role model who can inspire you to grow and succeed in different life aspects. You don’t have to have one role model; you can have a role model who inspires you in financial matters, another one in career issues and another one who you look up to in order to live a happier more fulfilled life. Self help books and motivational speakers are also your secret weapon because they will reinvigorate your energy and motivate you to keep going.

  • Have a positive attitude and a determined spirit no matter the issues you are going through

A positive attitude starts with a smile; it does not matter how difficult life is at the moment. Getting sad over it will only stress you out and put your health in jeopardy. On daily basis just look at the mirror and make positive affirmations about yourself such as

  • I am the best
  • I am more than a conqueror
  • Nothing is impossible to achieve

Although these affirmations might seem unimportant, they actually play a significant role in making you work harder to reach your goals and ensure you are happy and content while at it. Believe in yourself and make use of your talents and skills instead of letting a situation to put you down. Most importantly, never ever give up on yourself because that way you will lose interest in maintaining physical health and will also lack the energy and motivation to work hard. Have you ever seen a person who is always smiling no matter how dire their situation is? Their inability to be derailed by challenges is a manifestation of positive affirmation and a positive attitude towards life.

  • Set reasonable and achievable objectives and develop a well-thought out strategic plan that will help you realize the objectives and transform them from mere goals to actual accomplishments

Start by setting up a vision board and put it in a location where you can see it every day; for instance on your mirror. That way you are reminded of what your goals are everyday and you don’t lose sight of them easily or allow distractions to derail you. To achieve your long term objectives set small everyday goals that keep you on the right track and are geared towards achieving your main objectives. During your daily self assessment exercise, analyze objectively if you are on the right track and if you are not make sure you take precautions so that you are back on track.

  • Procrastination is your enemy is you want a happy more healthy life

Procrastination is putting off until later what you can do now; it is a disease that slowly chips way at your happiness and can also lead to stress, this is because you will postpone so much work and become overwhelmed and unable to meet headlines and set objectives.

How does procrastination make you unhappy and unsuccessful?

  • Hinders you from discovering how far you can stretch your limits
  • Prevents you from being there for loved ones because of poor time management
  • Prevents moving forward on to other tasks
  • Fosters building castles in the air instead of taking action; for instance many people plan to lose weight but keep postponing and never get around to actually doing it until they get a life threatening disease such as high blood pressure or become severely obese.

Essentially procrastination is a manifestation of poor time management and lack of following up. Beat procrastination by writing up a time schedule and adhering to it no matter how exhausted you are. Without procrastinating you will have enough time to work, play and rest ensuring that your life is well balanced.

  • Reward yourself and give yourself a pat on the back when you make an achievement no matter how small

Every achievement you make must be well celebrated because this will fuel your motivation to keep working hard. If you lose weight, reward yourself by buying yourself something you love such as new shoes. The point is being happy every time you achieve something. Celebrating yourself will make you feel important and worth it and I can assure you nothing will make you happier than feeling like you deserve all the good things happening to you. Contentment is a manifestation of self love and self celebration that leads to the lack of a desperate need of love and appreciation from an outside source.

  • Treat the people around you with kindness, dignity and respect whether they are your friends family, coworkers or strangers you have just met

This does not in any way translate to seeking acceptance from people who do not contribute to your success. It simply implies that you should try and be nurture relationships based on love, trust and true friendship. A true manifestation of a person who has great social skills is being surrounded by friends and family members who deeply care and appreciate you for who you are. You will definitely be happier and less stressed if all your friendships are healthy and if you are kind and helpful to those who need you


Living a happy and healthy life requires a daily effort and commitment. You can never go wrong with these 10 effective tips. However, you need to educate yourself more on how to have a more wholesome life both physically, financially and spiritually. You can easily acquire such knowledge by looking for reliable motivational speakers and reading self literature and motivational books that handle this wide area