Attract Abundance to your life by fighting Anxiety and Managing Stress

Attract Abundance to your life by fighting Anxiety and Managing Stress

Anxiety is the most common mental health problem. Are you tired of struggling and not succeeding? Are you ready to begin living in prosperity but you feel like the obstacles are too great to overcome? If you want to start experiencing more happiness, more love and even financial success then you need to understand the secret to attracting abundance.

We all want to live an abundant life where we are able to draw in the things that make us feel whole, content and fulfilled. True abundance helps you live a wholesome life and this is why it does not stop at material wealth but also extends to other abstract qualities such as love, hope and peace of mind.  This chapter is essentially a step by step detailed guide on how to attract abundance into your life.

The world is very abundant and there is enough for everyone, the more you realise this, the more you will be able to attract what is available for you. It all starts with having the right mindset then getting the right knowledge and finally mastering the relevant skills. With the right mindset it is easier to comprehend the knowledge to put in the work and follow through no matter the obstacles or the challenges you go through.

Keep in mind that contrary to common misconception attracting abundance through mindfulness and positive thinking is not reserved for hippies, spiritualists and monks. You can tap into this incredible power and live a wholesome life. This chapter is essentially a detailed look at the secrets of unlocking abundance in your life.

To get you started in the right direction here is a step by step guide on how to attract abundance:

Secret ONE-Gratitude

Even before you think about an abundant life, you have to first and foremost acknowledge all the amazing things you currently have in your life. Everything and I mean literally everything begins with being a good steward of what you already possess By acknowledging what is positive in your life you are demonstrating to the universe that you are not only ready for more but will also take great care of it.

In fact the prevalent philosophy on attracting abundance motivates you to focus on what you posses rather than focusing on what you don’t have. For instance, instead of agonising over not meeting your financial objectives, how about acknowledging what you have such as good health, shelter and enough to eat. Additionally, gratitude gives you a positive outlook on life and also fuels your motivation to succeed and reach all your goals.

Secret TWO-Positive Affirmations

I AM…These two words are extremely powerful and make a great impact in one’s life. According to knowledgeable and experienced experts in this field they are probably the most powerful words a person can speak about themselves. At the end of the day, what you feel and what you think about yourself is what you are. Words and feelings are powerful because unknown to many people they are reflected in our outer lives. According to renowned metaphysician Sarah Prout the universe responds to how a person feels and thinks.

Saying I am doomed every time you run into an inconvenience because you are the universe will respond to that negative rhetoric. If you aim is to attract abundance start making positive affirmations, instead of saying I am doomed how about I will overcome. Experiencing abundance begins with feeling and thinking it and then going a step further by speaking positivity out loud.

Secret THREE-Get out of your comfort zone by trying out something new

Are you in a place where you fell stuck, unmotivated and lacking in creativity? Don’t be discouraged, take a bold step and explore things out of your comfort zone. This will help boost your creativity, enhance personal growth and also help you stay focused on your vision. Trying something different from your routine is necessary if you are in a place in life where you desire more. You will never know if you can achieve more if you remain in your comfort zone.

Keep in mind that you possess the power to make your life more abundant and prosperous. However, this will not happen unless to take the initiative to make the necessary changes. For instance if you desire to become a successful entrepreneur, you will not achieve this by sticking to you 9 to 5 job. You have to create time to implement the business ides you have and also find viable ways to raise the necessary capital. Although business is risky and out of your comfort zone, it may be your ticket to abundance and prosperity. Take the first step and be consistent you will be surprised at how much progress you make.

Secret FOUR-Let go of any baggage that is holding you back

You cannot attract abundance if you don’t let go of any baggage or negativity that is holding you back. Clearing out baggage is both legal and abstract. It starts with clearing any physical items crowding your space-get rid of extra stuff in your home or working space and then proceed to de-cluttering your mind. This will involve letting go of any pain, disappointments and failures. You also need to forgive anyone who wronged you in the past. Try your best to approach every new day with a refreshed mind that is positive and ready to succeed.

Secret FIVE-Avoid any negative habits or influences that rob you of your positivity

You cannot be positive if you surround yourself with negative people and hang on to habits that breed negativity. This means staying clear of addictive substances such as alcohol and tobacco and in extreme cases cocaine and heroin. Also avoid bas habits such as wasting time surfing online, hanging out with negative people and engaging in harmful past times that do not align with your life goals and objectives.

Apart from these five indispensable secrets there is additional information you need to remain on track…

Attracting abundance depends on your subconscious mind

Understanding how your subconscious works will help you attract abundance and prosperity into your life. It is in your subconscious mind that your emotions and beliefs live. You can be hindered from prosperity now by holding on to pain you suffered in your childhood. Or perhaps you were raised in an environment where your self esteem and self worth was consistently demeaned. These things may seem irrelevant now but they are not, they are stuck in your subconscious and have a big effect on what you feel and think about yourself and abundance in general.

Routine living limits a person’s holistic growth

As mentioned earlier you can only grow by getting out of your comfort zone and getting out of routine living. By making little adjustments and change in your routine, you are not only expanding your creativity but also opening up yourself to new experiences and new challenges. If you realize that abundance does not manifest when you are within your comfort zone, it is an indication that you need to do more or change strategies. Holistic growth will only be achieved if you engage in activities that encourage the formation of positive habits and encouraging the elusive feeling of limitless.

The only viable way to retrain your subconscious mind is through images

Just because your subconscious mind is packed with negativity does not mean you are not privy to success. Keep in mind that a human being’s subconscious mind is like a camera. This is because it take on images that forms the basis of the believes and principles which make a person who they are. Ever wondered why advertisements with images grab your attention? Simple! It is because the modern advertiser has mastered the tactful art of pushing images into audience’s subconscious mind. When you are feeling negative gather images of things that instil positivity, prosperity and abundance in you. Place these images in a strategic place where you can look at them often such as your nightstand, office desk and mirror. They will only create an impact in your subconscious but will also be a constant reminder of what you want to achieve.


Why live an unhappy and unfulfilled life when attracting abundance is within your reach? Take charge of your life today by ensuring that you are in the right state of mind to attract good things into your life. This is not an automatic process that will happen overnight. It is going to take patience, consistency, hard work and remaining focused despite the challenges you face…