The effect of positivity and the right mindset overcoming stress and anxiety

The effect of positivity and the right mindset overcoming stress and anxiety

We only have one life to live and that’s why you must do your best to make it abundant in love, happiness and contentment. Ever asked yourself what distinguishes people who accomplish greatness from those who fail and have anxiety to live up to their potential? Perhaps your guess was appetite for risk, hard work, intelligence or even creativity. Although all those answers are sensible sounding, they are not accurate scientifically speaking.

According to a reliable study carried out by pioneering Stanford psychologist Dweck Carol, the best predictor of a successful life in actually a person’s mindset. People who eventually become prosperous typically believe that they have the ability to grow and develop; this is referred to as a growth mindset. On the other hand those who become frustrated at their attempts to be successful have a fixed mindset, this means believing that they talents and abilities are set in stone (static).

Dweck’s study raised one essential question…Is is possible for those who view their abilities and talents through a prism mindset to change? Luckily, the answer is absolutely. By following a series of steps you can develop a new mindset to create the life you want. This chapter is a detailed guide on how to develop a mindset that enables you to succeed, live an abundant life and live up to your full potential.

Let’s start by first understanding what a mindset is…

What exactly is a mindset? It is simply the sum of your thoughts, beliefs and knowledge about yourself and the world in general. Your mindset is what filters the information you get in and regulates what you put out. This means it is what determines how a person receives information and the way they react.

Here is a step by step guide on how to develop a new mindset

  • It begins with getting only the relevant and best information and defining your success

Developing a new mindset begins with gathering all the relevant and best information about what you want to achieve. For instance if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, gather information about habits that make you successful in business. Make sure that you gather the information from reliable and trustworthy sources. Good information is from books written by reputable authors and legit blogs.

The bad is books and blogs by unreliable and unknown authors who are not reputable in their field. Remember that an important part of developing the right mindset is not getting sucked into mediocrity. Define your success so that you don’t get confused or discouraged by any failures you encounter. What do you consider success in your health, personal life and career? This will require taking an honest review of your life by setting your ego aside and thinking about the life you consider perfect.

  • Be inspired by people who fuel your motivation to succeed

The people you admire have probably achieved what you want in life. To become successful they obviously had the mindset you are trying to develop. Thanks to the internet, keeping tabs on people you admire has become easier. You can follow them on twitter, Facebook, Instagram or read biographies. However tread carefully because even you are role model is human and vulnerable to making mistake; keep what works for you and aligns to your goals and ignore what you don’t necessarily believe in. Remember that there is a difference between being inspired and straight up copying

  • Take a moment to carefully examine your current mindset

By examining your current belief system you will be able to understand your current mindset. Ask yourself if you beliefs are helping you achieve what you want in life or are they holding you back? It’s simple all you need to do is ask yourself the right questions to ascertain what is limiting your progress and standing in the way of your prosperity. Turn the negative believes around by declaring supportive statements. You will achieve this by making use of positive affirmations.

  • Shape your new mindset using goals and visions

This is a very effective proactive approach that will help you tailor your new mindset to ensure it aligns with the kind of life you want to live. Setting goals and having a vision defines and creates a clear picture of the ideal end result. Once you have your vision in place breaking it into goals is quite easy. Along the way you are going to face challenges. Flexibility is important in helping master how to adapt in a accordance with your own experiences.

By having a clear vision and goals you are able to remain on the right track. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve you are continually reinforcing your motivation to live in abundance. Going through your goals often prevents you from losing momentum and entering into a slump. To keep going despite the challenges think of the satisfaction of achieving your goals and how it will benefit your dependents and loved ones. Visualize the kind of life you will live when if things go as planned. This visualization will boost your motivation and keep you going when the terrain is rough and full of obstacles.

  • Embrace discipline and remain consistent

If you want to develop a new mindset that will enable you live the life you have always wanted, you have no option other than being discipline and consistent.  In this case discipline means consciously setting goals and following through by embracing the right habits that help you achieve your objectives. This will also require you to be keenly aware of any distractions.

Ensure that from the time you wake up in the morning until you rest, every single action is geared towards achieving your goals and helping you live the life you have always dreamed of. Discipline entails developing a distraction alarm by consciously making the decision to avoid unproductive activities. The truth of the matter is that multitasking is nothing other than a modern myth. Most prosperous individuals are focused.

Discipline does not mean overstretching and overworking yourself. All you need is consistent small actions in the right direction in addition to consciously planting seeds of positivity and prosperity in your subconscious. Overtime you will start feeling and seeing the progress, the seeds you plant will develop into a belief system and finally an attitude.

  • Remember to protect your new mindset

Once you have struggled and worked hard to develop a new mindset the last thing you need is to fall prey to naysayers who drag you down and distract you from achieving your vision. You have to take the prerogative to protect your mindset from bad company and also from bad information and information overload. There is no way you can protect your new mindset without having a sense of confidence in what you now believe in. No matter what anyone tells you, keep going and also believe in the work you have put in to get to the place you are in now. Your aim should be improving yourself and never going back or doubting your vision and progress,.

  • Finally find your unique voice and stick to it

You will know you are making progress when you start having a unique train of thought that guides you in making decisions and in staying on track with your goals. Your voice is what makes you unique and helps you authentically express yourself. Once you develop a unique mindset getting distracted by external sources will become a thing of the past. To develop wholesome voice, ensure you are flexible but still discerning.

Don’t put off for today what you can do today

Even with the right mindset you will not make any steps ahead if you keep procrastinating (postponing what you can do now for later). You will not even manage to develop a new mindset if you keep procrastinating.


Your mindset is an important determinant of whether you get to live the kind of life you have always wanted. Most people today are living unfulfilled lives because they have a mindset that is completely working against them. Such people have no idea what is limiting them; such people are working hard, making a consistent solid effort but make no substantial progress.

With the right mindset you are able to successfully navigate challenges and remain successful. The life you want is within your reach so never view success as a distant and elusive achievement. Success is not merely something you are dreaming to achieve one day. It is within you all you have to do is develop the right mindset.