10 Best Health Supplements for Anxiety

10 Best Health Supplements for Anxiety

Stress and anxiety

Feeling impatient, having poor concentration, feeling helpless, being tensed and irritable are some of the features of anxiety. Anxiety is a rather uncomfortable situation to find yourself in. It is normal to experience this kinds of feeling as a human being, but if they persist or become frequent then they will pose a challenge to your performance, be it at work, school, sports etc.

Symptoms that may indicate you are suffering from anxiety include; indigestion, chest tightness, sweating, fatigue, dry mouth and a headache. Anxiety can affect people of all ages. What is more worrying is the fact that there is a close relationship between anxiety and depression. It is estimated that about 40-60% of people suffering from anxiety also experience depression.

However the good news is there is a remedy to this situation in form of natural supplements that are healthy and safe to its users. It is good to remember that supplements should not be substituted for the prescribed medication or therapy. They can only be used as a good addition to a care plan if you have one. In this article we take a look at the best ten supplements for anxiety.

1) Ashwagandha

This is an adaptogen herb that can be able to stabilize the body’s response to stress and therefore making it a good remedy for anxiety. In a study conducted to ascertain the effects of this herb as a treatment for anxiety and depression it was found that most subjects had a significant improvements in symptoms associated with anxiety after a therapy with this herb.

Not only is Ashwagandha a stress reliever, it can also protect your brain from degeneration. Studies have shown that this herb can reduce fatique,improve your focus and fight anxiety. Another advantage of using Ashwagandha is that it has no side effects unlike many other anti anxiety medications. The supplement dosage is around 900mg on average. This can be taken as a two 450 mg capsule two times a day.

2) Kava

According to research this can be good medication for treating anxiety especially since its non addictive and also non-hypnotic anxiolytic.kava stimulates dopamine receptors and induces euphoria. By doing this it will help you improve your mood, boost sociability and reduce your anxiety.

It is important to seek the advice of your health care provider as using this supplement may interfere with certain medication. Do not consume alcohol if at all you are to use this medication. Some of the common side effects of kava that you should be aware of include drowsiness, headache and diarrhea. It may also have severe effects on the liver.

3)5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan)

This is another good supplement since its synthesized from an essential amino acid (tryptophan) that can be able to regulate your moods. It can be able to treat a number of cases related to anxiety including mood swings, difficulty in sleeping and headaches. This supplement increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that has calming effects. Studies have proven that 5-HTP can reduce your anxiety levels significantly because of its calming effects. It is vital to keep in mind that 5-HTP should never be used with any other prescribed anti-anxiety or anti depressant medication.

4) GABA (Gamma amino butyric acid)

This is an amino acid that reduces anxiety in the nervous system and also helps your muscles relax. Apart from reducing anxiety GABA can also be used to relieve insomnia, reduce PMS,stabilize blood pressure, burn fat and as a pain reliever.

GABA has sedative effects and so it regulates the nerve cells and helps introduce calmness therefore reducing anxiety.anti anxiety drugs such as valium and xanax basically increases the amount of GABA in your brain.

GABA as a supplement is available at your local health food store. Alternatively you can use valerian root which will naturally increase the levels of GABA in your brain.

5) Magnesium

The deficiency of magnesium is very high in adults despite the fact that it plays very major and important roles in our bodies. It can be possible that your anxiety is caused by deficiency of magnesium, so you may want to try magnesium supplements.

Magnesium helps in calming your nerves and thereby reducing anxiety levels. On top of this it is very important in the functioning of GABA and regulation of certain hormones that play a major role in calming brain and therefore promoting relaxation. Excessive magnesium has the potential to cause diarrhea. So you should be careful with your dosage. It is better to start with a smaller dosage as you work your way up.

6) Essential oils

Another supplement can be in form of essential oils from certain plants. Oils from these particular types of plants can be used as strong anxiety busters. Some of these include oils of rose, sandalwood, bergamot, jasmine and lavender. Among these lavender oil is the most effective and also readily available.

7) Vitamin B

Vitamin B is among the vitamins that are very effective when it comes to taking care of anxiety problems. Many of the B vitamins are required for an optimal functioning of the nervous system. They also help improve the symptom associated with anxiety and depression.

Averagely the dosage for B vitamins may range from 300mg to about 500mg.either dose should be taken once a day.

8) Vitamin C

This kind of vitamin helps relieve oxidative stress in your nervous system. Anxiety can be fuelled by an increase in oxidative stress. The average dose for vitamin C supplement is between 500-100mg.this amount can be taken once or split into two tablets.

9) L-theanine

It is an amino acid with soothing effects that normally found in green tea. A study conducted in 2018 on rats showed that it has anti anxiety benefits. a 2011 study also indicated the same benefits on human beings.The dosage for this supplement is 200mg on average to be taken once a day.

10) Vitamin E

This is another vitamin with antioxidant effects. The body tends to use this nutrient quickly in order to deal with anxiety and stress. This vitamin can also be used in supplements. On average the dosage is about 400IU to be  taken once in a day.

Supplements Work Better When They are Accompanied by Personal Initiatives for You

Although the research on these supplements have yielded reliable results, make a point of checking with your health care provider before adding any of these supplements to your treatment routine. It is important to do this because in some cases, supplements are not recommended to a certain group of people.e.g adults beyond the age of 65,pregnant women and children.


Are you one of those people who think keeping a journal is too corny? Perhaps you need to start rethinking because it has been proved that keeping a daily journal is an incredibly powerful way of using the power of intention to your own advantage, and relief yourself from stress. To help demonstrate how powerful the power of intention is let’s look at the famous comedian Jim Carrey.

Even as a young man this naturally charming and funny man was determined to become an entertainer. From the age of 19 he began looking for opportunities in Tinsel-town but despite his efforts and talent success was elusive. One day in early 1990 amid his desperation he sat beside his beat-up Toyota and wrote himself a $10 million cheque and labelled it ‘for services rendered’. Jim post-dated this cheque 10 years and put it in the wallet he always carried around. By 1994 Jim became one of the biggest names in Hollywood starring in hits such as Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber.

By journaling you are intentionally planning for your day and taking responsibility for all your actions

This revolutionary comedian demonstrates through his action just how powerful the power of intention is. I am sure you are wondering, ‘how do I take advantage of the power of intention today? Simple…Start journal-ling! By journaling you are intentionally planning for your day and taking responsibility for all your actions. This way you are ensuring that everything you do is designed to attract abundance. Additionally, through journaling you are able to track your progress and realize when you are slacking and need to rectify something that is preventing you from attracting abundance and becoming the best you can be.

  • To help you journal the right way here are some journaling tips and techniques that will ensure you attract abundance to your life

Journal as planning and also have a diary that keeps account of how your day went

Take advantage of the power of intention by planning exactly what you want to achieve and the steps you intend to take. Also use the journal to record your progress and how you are from achieving what you set out to do. This means rightly journaling will require setting targets, clearly setting out your objectives and plan what to do in order to make success and abundance a possibility. You cannot attract abundance if you have no idea what you want, keep in mind that the universe will only give you what you want.  Through journaling both the pan and writing about progress you are attracting abundance and staying on track. Remember to be clear about what you are planning and specific about what you achieved and are grateful for.

Your journal is your safe haven so be truthful and objective

Mahatma Gandhi once said your beliefs become your thoughts and then those thoughts become your words, the words become actions and finally those actions become habits. If you want to have a character that attracts abundance you need to put write down your thoughts and live by them. So where does being truthful and objective come in? Only put down in your journal things you intend to do and are sure are within the scope of you term as a abundance. Your journal is your safe haven so feel safe to be authentically you. By being your true self and putting in the work according what you wrote in your journal you will definitely attract abundance and reap the fruits of success.

Always write your journal after meditation when your mind is clear and at the same place and time daily

A journal is not a place to express your panic and sense of self doubt. It is where you jot down what your mind thinks when it is clear and undisturbed hence the reason to meditate. The power of intention only works if you planning out of a sound and clear mind. Doing it at the same place and at the same time daily makes it a sacred ritual that feeds your mind and fuels your motivation to attract abundance and achieve your full potential.


Finally, the power of intention works both ways (both negative and positive), so avoid negativity under all circumstances. If you want to be a magnet for abundance, let your journal be a positive place where you plan to achieve and not condemn yourself for your weaknesses and failures. Don’t waste any more time, abundance is within your reach so start journaling today to harness it!