20 Fruits that Contain Antioxidants

20 Fruits that Contain Antioxidants

While some antioxidants are produced by the body naturally it’s important that we supplement the body’s ability to make them by incorporating foods rich in antioxidants in our meals. What better way to do this than to include fruits in your diet. Fruits are a very sure way of ensuring that your body has enough antioxidants to counteract the detrimental effects that free radicals have on the human body. Below are some of the fruits that make for great sources of antioxidants:


Plums are rich in antioxidants especially the black variety. Plums are also rich in vitamin C and phenols an antioxidant that is known to prevent the swelling and inflammation of the tissue. The black kind will give you about 4873 antioxidants per serving. For an even more source of antioxidants eat dried plums. One of the best things about plums is that they are extremely easy to incorporate into your diet. You can include them in a fruit salad, smoothie or alternatively binge on them as a snack.


Alongside mangos, watermelon and peaches, oranges are highly rich in beta-cryptoxanthin which is an antioxidant and one of the two compounds that was found to lower the risk of arthritis by about 20-40% according to study of 25000 people in the UK. An important point to note is, while eating oranges it’s important to make great use of the peels Most people discard the peels because they have no idea just how nutritious and full of antioxidants the orange peel is. You can simply grind the orange peels and add them to smoothies, fruit salad or even baked goodies since they help to boost flavor significantly. Additionally, orange peels also give baked goods a sweet aroma.

Red grapes

Red grapes are very healthy fruits and very low in calories. Imagine eating up to 20 red seedless grapes and knowing that you have consumed a mere 100 calories. Red grapes are tasty enough to eat individually as a snack instead of opting for junk and processed foods that do not add any nutritional value to you.  Additionally they add colour, nutritional value and taste to any fruit salad or smoothie. It also does not hurt that red plums are affordable. Another little known fact about red grapes is that they are full of fiber and roughage which will keep you fuller for longer. The feeling of satiety is helpful especially when you are trying to lose weight healthily. This is because you are in a better position to suppress your appetite.


Blackberries are high in antioxidants, but be cautious because they also contain a lot of polyols, the component that is mainly found in sugar substitutes (normally blamed for gas and other abdominal issues).


Among the berries, strawberries make for another great source of antioxidants. Interestingly antioxidants present in strawberries have proven to fight carcinogens an LDL, and also cholesterol that’s notorious for causing heart health. Strawberries are also a great source of vitamin C that’s responsible for protecting the cells in your body from free radical damage


Cherries have been considered as a wonder fruit to incorporate in your meals and we can see why, if their antioxidant content is anything to go by. Cherries are also rich in flavonoids which act as antioxidant and work to remove the byproducts of oxidative stress, and therefore slow down the aging process.


Mangoes are a good source of vitamin A and flavonoids that include betacarotene, betacryptoxanthin and alphacarotene.collectively these compounds have antioxidant effects and also play an important role in maintaining your vision. These compounds will also make your skin glow and radiate. Mangoes are a great and tasty fruit that are a great addition to fruit salads and smoothies meant for both weight loss and detoxing. If you have sugar cravings, mangoes are a great way to soothe them so that you are not tempted to indulge in junk and processed foods.


Beets are very rich in antioxidant properties. Among the antioxidants present in beets include betalain an anti-inflammatory that’s aids in detoxification. Betalain is also known as a cancer protecting compound. Beets are a great addition to your diet especially when you are dealing free radicals that make you vulnerable to a myriad of diseases.

 Wild blueberries

Take a moment and hear this, one cup of these wild blueberries contains a total of 13,427 antioxidants, vitamins A and C plus flavonoids s like anthocyanidin.that amounts to about 10 times of what the USDA recommends.



You can add raspberries to your diet. Raspberries contain an antioxidant called ellagic acid which according to a study by journal of nutrition enhances the ability of quercetin to kill cancerous cells.

Alfalfa sprouts

Although they make look tiny, alfalfa sprouts are high in beta carotene, which is an antioxidant that protects one from lung cancer and can also help you maintain your skin,nails,hair,gums,glands and teeth. Alfalfa also provides for a good source of vitamin E which may aid in prevention against heart attacks, strokes and in also lowering your risks of death from cancer of the bladder.


Raisins contain a total of 2490 antioxidants per serving. Additionally for those suffering from weight loss problems raisin can help you tackle this problem. They will cut your cravings for junk foods.

So there you have go out there and get that raisin and you might just kill two birds with ine stone especially if you want to keep your weight in check


Prunes can be regarded as a dried version of black plums .black plums pack approximately 4873 antioxidants in totals, while these counterparts of theirs have a whooping 7291 antioxidants in just half a cup serving.


Prunes can therefore be regarded as the ultimate source to meet your body’s antioxidant needs.

Red bell pepper

Consider a medium pepper, though low in calories (a paltry 32) is rich in vitamin C exceeding even the recommended daily value and in the process keeping off atherosclerosis which can lead to heart disease.

Red apple

A fruit very rich in antioxidants. a very important to note is that you should not peel the skin off. This is because 80% of the antioxidants present in an apple are found in its skin. Besides this fact that’s also where all its fiber lies.

Raw figs

Eat these fruits raw in order to reap maximum benefits and also forego the coating of sugars and flavor.

Enjoy these candies like fruits on their own in the form of a quick snack or you can add them to a salad of avocado, kale and onions.

Medjool dates

They may seem unfamiliar when talking about your grocery shopping list but perhaps its high time you check out these small fruits. One medjool date contains 1.6 grams of energy boosting fiber on average. Also present is a bit of vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium too.


You will reap maximum benefits from onions especially if you want cancer fighting antioxidants by eating them raw. Cooking onions under high heat reduces the benefits associated with phytochemicals (protection against prostate and lung cancer) significantly


Although watermelons are approximately 92% water, they contain significant amounts of nutrients. Each bite you take from a watermelon contains vitamin A,B6,C together with lots of antioxidants and amino acids. There is an even modest amount of potassium present in watermelons.


Due to their cost, availability and taste bananas are one of the widely consumed fruits in the world. They have wide variety of health benefits that include fiber, that aids in digesting and most importantly antioxidants that have anti aging benefits.

How to incorporate fruits into your diet

Through Fruit Salads

A fruit salad is a great addition to your meals especially if it includes an avocado. Aside from improving the nutritional value of a fruit salad, it also improves the texture of the fruit salad and also substantially boosts taste. A fruit salad is not complete without an avocado

Add fruits to your meals by incorporating them in smoothies

If you are trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle one of the most reliable nutritious ingredients to take a fruit smoothies at least once daily. Add in an avocado into the fruit salad, it will make your smoothie creamier, therefore, easier to drink. Let not forget about berries because they help to enhance the taste and also improve the texture of a fruit salad significantly.

Fruits are a great way to make the occasional snack more nutritious

No matter how disciplined you are when it comes to eating. There is no doubt that once in a while you will want to eat chips or some delicious fried chicken. The best way to make your snack nutritious is to creatively add it fruits to the mix. For instance, simply cut fruits into small pieces and then eat with your crunchy chips. They will not only be tastier but more nutritious.