By now, you’ve probably heard about antioxidants, and that you should take them. But what are they, how can they help your body and where does your body get them? This article helps to answer these questions, and also gives some tips on how to get the nutrients your body needs.

For a start, what is it? Well, these are nutrients that help stabilize the “free radicals” in your body. It is believed that they reduce the physical consequences of aging and, possibly, prevent the disease. The human body easily produces some of these nutrients, while food and supplements provide others.

Then, how can they help your body? They do exactly what the name implies. They help prevent the oxidation process in the body. Pollution, environmental factors, natural body functions and much more creative “free radicals.” “Free radicals” are molecules in the body that do not have an electron and constantly try to replace this missing electron. To stabilize yourself, “free radicals” steal electrons from your body. This causes “oxidative stress,” which is the damage to the cells and tissues of the body. Some scientists believe that “oxidative stress” can cause disease and early signs of aging.

Antioxidants provide additional electrons to “free radicals” and prevent their damage to cells and body tissues. That is why many believe that antioxidants can reduce the physical effects of aging and prevent the disease.

Finally, what sources? The body naturally produces. However, many of them that use the body come from the food we eat. “Oxidative stress” occurs when the body lacks a nutrient to stabilize the “free radicals.” Therefore, it is important for your body to get enough to fight “free radicals.” The best natural sources are fruits and vegetables. Some of the best natural sources include green tea, ginseng, many kinds of fruits, leafy vegetables, nuts and various other items. However, if your normal diet does not include enough, dietary supplements are a potential alternative.

Dietary supplements can provide nutrients when your body is not enough. It is important to take care when taking supplements. Although it seems that the more, the better, it has been shown that too many can harm the body. Therefore, it is recommended not to overdo and take multiple or powerful supplements.

Antioxidants are important to your body to be healthy, and although the benefits are not completely known, you should try to get a reasonable amount through your diet or supplement. Monitoring your intake of antioxidants can help you prevent damage caused by “free radicals” and potentially reduce the effects of aging and possibly prevent the disease.