Green Garcinia Pro in losing weight


It should help reduce the sense of hunger and increase the consumption of fat: in short, it should help us lose weight. It is Garcinia cambogia, a tropical plant with properties (according to advertising) that are truly “miraculous” for the line. The part used is actually the peel of its small fruit from which the “magic” component that makes this fruit “miraculous”, namely hydroxycitric acid (HCA), is extracted.

Does it really work?
What is true behind these statements? Nothing scientifically proven, at least according to the few studies conducted so far. And the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), called upon to express an opinion on the veracity of slogans such as these, based on the scientific papers available, has not yet expressed itself on the matter.

Pending the definition of claims on plant substances (the so-called botanicals) at EU level, our Ministry of Health has drawn up its reference guidelines, indicating the list of plant substances and preparations that can be used in supplements and their physiological effects. The ministry has approved indications such as lipid metabolism, body weight balance and control of the sense of hunger for Garcinia cambogia, which can therefore be reported on the packaging of the products that contain it. Which in any case does not mean that this plant has slimming properties.

In addition to Garcinia cambogia, some of these supplements also contain mineral salts such as zinc and chromium: the advertisements for these products also attribute to these minerals a fundamental role in weight loss or fat burning. Mineral salts are certainly important for the proper functioning of our body (metabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids …), but statements such as “helps to dispose of accumulated fat” are not true and cannot be reported as such.