The super hydrating Ginger-Carrot and Turmeric Smoothie

The super hydrating Ginger-Carrot and Turmeric Smoothie

If you thought that a healthy snack cannot look good then think again because this is one of the best looking smoothies I have ever encountered. Mixing the turmeric and the carrot together, results in an attractive bright orange colour and an irresistible aroma. The Ginger-Carrot and Turmeric smoothie looks good, smells great and is extremely healthy.

Ginger-Carrot and Turmeric Ingredients

  • Two Cloves of ginger
  • A half a cup chopped and frozen banana
  • A half a cup of pineapple
  • Two medium sized carrot
  • One teaspoon of ground turmeric
  • Two tables spoons of fresh lemon juice
  • One cup of unsweetened almond milk

Why Ginger?

Ginger which is the main ingredient in this smoothies is a bit on the bitter side when t comes to taste, this is balanced out by the high  natural sugar levels in the other ingredients especially the banana and pineapple. The lemon juice adds a zingy taste that elevates the flavour of this bright orange smoothie. Ginger is a natural spice that has been traditionally used for more than 5000 years for medicinal purposes. It is packed with essential nutrients and also has incredible healing and therapeutic qualities.



  • Benefits of ginger

Helps to improve digestion

Ginger contains beneficial and volatile oils that help in awakening the taste buds on the tongues while also purifying the mouth and substantially stimulating the production of saliva. With sufficient saliva in your system digestion becomes easier and issues such constipation also become unlikely. A great digestive system is important if you are trying to lose weight and attain that ever elusive fit body.

Ginger is effective reliever of colds and congestion

This amazing herb has powerful antibacterial properties that help remove mucous and any congestion in the lungs.

Ginger is a powerful pain reliever

The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are effective in healing body pains such as back pain and even migraines. When you include ginger in your meal plan your body is able to heal itself without necessary making you extremely sick.

Gets rid of foul breath

Nothing damages your self esteem than when you have a bad breath. Ginger will help get rid of the germs that accumulate in the mouth causing bad breath. The ginger is rich in natural vitamin C which is a powerful cleanser.

Ginger is also a natural way to cure acne and helps promote hair growth

Acne is an inflammatory condition and ginger has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. While drinking is very effective how about just softly using your finger to apply the juice on the affected areas. Additionally, eating ginger rids the body of harmful toxins which sometimes cause the accumulation of excess sebum leading to acne.

  • What is the role of the other ingredients?

Carrot is rich in beta carotene which is a powerful antioxidant; it also increases saliva production hence helping ensure that digestion enzymes and vitamins work effectively. Carrot also prevents tooth decay and has alkaline elements that help revitalise and purify blood. It also doesn’t hurt that the orange colour makes the smoothie look tantalising. Bananas are sweet and have a buttery feel that helps with the consistency of the smoothie. Additionally bananas are also loaded with soluble fibre which substantially slows down the digestion process giving you the feeling of fullness for longer.  This helps curb cravings and reduce appetite.


Pineapples are packed with vitamin C, natural fibre and natural sugar that make the smoothie taste even better. Lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C and also has a zingy taste that elevates the taste of the smoothie. Turmeric not only adds in colour and taste but also has powerful antioxidant properties.


  • Make carrot juice by adding the two carrots to a high peed blender. Chop the carrots into small pieces and blend thoroughly until the mixture is completely pureed and smooth.
  • Wash peel and chop the pineapples into small pieces
  • Wash and peel the banana then chop it into small pieces. Freeze the pineapple pieces, carrot puree and the chopped banana for a minimum of three hours.
  • Wash and peel the two ginger knobs. Cut them into small pieces and then blend to form a fine and smooth puree that will seamlessly combine with the rest of the ingredients
  • Combine all the frozen ingredients and mix thoroughly and add in the turmeric and lemon juice then blend for at least a minute. Add in the almond milk until the smoothies achieves the desired consistency.
  • This smoothie is delicious and refreshing when served cold or slightly chill; you can serve it a little warmer if you are giving it to young kids. Serve it either in the morning for breakfast, as a midday snack or after working out to revitalise and hydrate your system.

Who is this smoothie perfect for?

This is a great option for green smoothie lover who wants to switch it up by trying something that looks and tastes different. The carrot is just as nutritious as any leafy green vegetable such as kale which is used as an alternative in a green smoothie.

Perfect smoothie for growing kids who constantly need a burst of energy. The pineapple is rich in natural sugar that leaves them energised all day while the other ingredients come in handy in ensuring that your child’s tissues heal and rejuvenate quicker. The delicious taste and aroma make it easy for children to drink without any force or squirming.

This smoothie is an excellent choice for someone who constantly battle with foul breath. The ingredients of this smoothie such as lemon juice and the ginger are rich in juices loaded with vitamin C which is a powerful cleanser that effectively eliminates bacteria and germs that cause the bad smell.

A great smoothie if you are trying to promote hair growth, hair health and clear acne. May people spend a lot of money of cleansers and moisturisers that promise to clear acne without considering the use of natural ingredients and eating healthy. Regularly drinking this smoothie will help clear harmful toxins that hinder the good health of hair and skin.