Nutrisystem turbo 13


Nutrisystem is a meal planning system designed to enable weight loss. The company behind this system provides all the food you will need for breakfast, lunch and dinner, delivering the food right to your door.These meals are premade or simple to assemble and perfectly broken down so you don’t have to count calories or struggle to come up with a balanced diet on your own.

Nutrisystem has been around for over 40 years and has specific meal plans for women, men, vegetarians and diabetics. Women’s meal plans are slightly cheaper than men’s. They come with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. Meal plans for men come with an extra snack.

How does Nutrisystem work?
Nutrisystem provides healthy recipes and pre-made frozen and fully prepared meals. There are over 150 food items to choose from. More than 120 of these meals are currently low in sodium and contain no preservatives and trans fats. Examples of food options that fit the diet include their cinnamon rolls, chicken parmesan, and cheese tortellini.

By sticking to the food provided to you, it is theoretically possible to lose weight without having to give up the foods you love or spend your diet days hungry. Meals are high in fiber and protein and use more complex carbohydrates to maintain blood sugar and prevent cravings. It is recommended to avoid or limit alcohol during a Nutrisystem program. Nutrisystem plans and cost. There are several systemic nutrition plans to choose from.

The basic plan
The basic plan is a 28-day plan with their Quick Star Lean13 plan, which allows you to lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in the first month. This is made possible with the Turbo Takeoff system, which includes specially selected food products that offer benefits such as:

  • Support for digestive health
  • help beat swell
  • reduced hunger and glycemic balance between meals

The basic plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, shake and a bar for each day. Nutrisystem will choose which meals to take. It costs $ 274.99 with auto delivery (or $ 9.82 per day) for women and $ 314.99 with auto delivery ($ 11.25 per day) for men. If you choose to switch to a custom menu so that you choose your items, it costs $ 296.97 for women and $ 336.97 for men.