Highly Nutritious Kale Smoothie to Include in Your Diet Regimen

Highly Nutritious Kale Smoothie to Include in Your Diet Regimen

Kale and Apple Detox Smoothie

The perfect balance between nutritional  value and taste 

Every day we accumulate body toxins that if left unchecked deteriorate your health and making it harder to lose weight faster and maintain good health.



So what exactly is a detox smoothie?

A detox smoothie is easy, delicious and simple way of flushing the toxins from your body. This smoothie differs from all the other ones because the intention is to facilitate the removal of any toxins that have accumulated in the body overtime. Such toxins hinder accumulation of any unnecessary elements n the body that worsen health and prevent the elevated immunity of the body against diseases. A smoothie is the best way to detox the body because these contain a large amount of water which helps keep you hydrated whole boosting metabolism at the same time.

Why are detox smoothies an indispensable inclusion in your regular diet?

  •  Since the ingredients in this smoothie will create the feeling of fullness for longer it enables you eat less. Take advantage of this lack of appetite and carvings to drink as much water as you can. Water substantially contributes in loss of fat and the building and strengthening of muscles.

The kale and Apple Detox smoothie is one of the healthiest recipes out there. It is a perfect blend between taste and nutritional benefits

  • Two thirds of a cup of fresh unsweetened almond milk
  • A quarter cup of crushed ice
  • Two cups of fresh kale cut into small piece
  • One stalk of fresh celery chopped into small pieces
  • Half of a green apple and half of a red apple chopped and cored
  • One tablespoon of lax seeds
  • One teaspoon of raw and natural honey (this is optional)

The main ingredients in this smoothie recipe are kale and apples. Let’s begin by taking a detailed look at the nutritional benefits of kale that make it perfect for detoxifying

Why is Kale perfect for detoxifying?

Kale is rich in fiber and sulfur which aid in detoxifying the body to enable accelerated weight loss and ensuring that you are in perfect health to give you enough energy for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.  Kale is excellent for the detox process because it is rich in fiber, contains zero fat and is low in caloric content. According to reliable studies a cup of kale has 0 grams of fat, only 36 calories and a high fiber content of 5 grams. This is the perfect composition because it offers just enough to keep your system working well while leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

As mentioned earlier kale is also rich in sulfur which is a organic compound that naturally occurs in kale. Many nutritionists agree that sulfur is main component needed in the process of healthily detoxifying the body. Additionally sulfur also plays a critical role in enhancing the function of amino acids while also feeding the skin, the nails and hair. Sulphur helps to detoxify most harmful toxins in the body including drugs, fungi, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, parasites and food. This important nutrient also helps in regulating hormones. The sulfur present in the bile through amino acid taurine aids in digestion.


What is the role of the other ingredients in this detox smoothie?

  • Apples are the most affordable way of flavoring your green smoothie smoothie without adding any sugar. When blended, apples make the smoothie soft and creamy in texture. The end result is tasty green detox smoothie that is packed with nutrients which help detoxify your system.
  • Almond milk helps with texturing and also assists in cleaning the kidney. It rids the kidney of potassium and calcium which are harmful to the body when present in large quantities.
  • Raw honey helps elevate taste making the smoothie more enjoyable
  • Celery is packed with powerful natural antioxidants that helps free the body harmful radicals.
  • Lax seeds help in unclogging heart vessels

The end result of combining these ingredients is a smoothie that thoroughly detoxifies all body systems leaving you healthy and physically fit.


  • Wash the celery, the kale and apples and using a sharp knife chop into small pieces.
  • To the mixture of kale celery and apples add the unsweetened almond milk and the raw honey. Blend to the desired consistency and then add the lax seeds on top.
  • The most important determinant of taste in a green detox smoothie such as this one is how fresh and clean the ingredients are. Try and access organic veggies and fruits. If you can make your own almond milk at home by blending almond and water in the ratio of 1:2 respectively then do. Homemade almonds oil is also tasty and free from any chemical preservatives.

Who will benefit most from this detox smoothie?

While this detox smoothie is great for everyone it is particularly suited to;

  • Women trying to shave off the body weight and regain normalcy; after pregnancy and breast feeding the body is loaded with toxins that need to be flushed out in order to lose weight steadily and healthily.
  • Men trying to build and strengthen muscles through eliminating the accommodation of stubborn fats.
  • People trying to achieve that ever elusive six pack. The most stubborn fat in both genders is abdominal fat which is harmful to essential body organs such as the kidney and liver. While kale makes you feel full it is nonetheless free from fat and cholesterol. This means you have the time to work out the stubborn fat you already have without adding to it.