Smoothie diet to cleanse the body


The smoothie diet is a simple model of food, which serves as a support to purify the body in the face of an overload of toxins. It is not a nutrition program to follow on a regular basis, as it is low in calories and kale detox smoothie its purpose is to detoxify with apple detox smoothie.

Thus, as with any detox plan, its implementation should last a maximum of five days, supported by light and healthy foods. In the same way, it implies leaving aside any processed product or rich in sugars and fats.

Based on that, it is worth mentioning that it is recommended to stimulate the elimination of toxins and lose weight. In addition, it facilitates the digestion process and helps to decrease abdominal inflammation kale detox smoothie. Are you excited to try it? Follow your rules and enjoy your properties.

How does the apple detox smoothie diet work?

Woman taking smoothies. Restrictive and hypocaloric eating plans are staying in the past. Although they still have many followers, some are opting for more complete and safer alternatives. The apple detox smoothie diet involves making certain restrictions compared to the balanced diet.

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However, unlike the “miraculous” programs, it seeks to offer the nutritional needs of the organism in the right measure. Therefore, with a simple detox plan of three or five days, it facilitates the elimination of toxins without causing decompensations.

Some of its features are apple detox smoothie: Eat five meals a day: three main meals and two snacks. Take smoothies at the time of the main meals. Avoid all types of whole milk, sausages and ready-made foods. Increase consumption of whole grains, fish and fresh vegetables. Use alternative cooking methods such as steaming, baking or boiling.