7 evidence based benefits of intermittent fasting that make it the ideal method to lose weight

7 evidence based benefits of intermittent fasting that make it the ideal method to lose weight


Fasting for extended periods of time has a slew of disadvantages that make unhealthy. Intermittent fasting enables you to get all the benefits of fasting without suffering the negative side effects. Intermittent fasting involves going without food for short periods of time but on a regular basis. Numerous reliable studies have ascertained that this form of fasting is very effective in the steady loss of weight.

Benefits of intermittent fasting diet that make it a worthwhile initiative

If done appropriately, consistently and for a long period of time, intermittent fasting has a myriad of benefits including;

It is an easy and non-demanding way to healthily shed off extra fat

Unlike unrealistic and restrictive diets that literally require you to count calories of everything you eat, this method does not require all this effort or lifestyle change. Intermittent fasting does not aim in reducing caloric intake in every meal but rather cutting down on the number of calories you consume in a week while also giving your body sufficient time to burn fats.

Intermittent fasting still allows you to enjoy your favorite foods and this makes it very easy to tick to over a long period of time unlike other demanding weight loss methods.

Intermittent fasting is a healthy way to cleanse and detoxify your body

Toxins and impurities that accumulate are mostly stored in the fat cells and in other areas around the body can jeopardize your health overtime. Regularly fasting for short periods of time helps to expel these toxins and impurities from the body. These are expelled through sweat, feces and even breath.

If your aim is to get rid of toxins and impurities then consider fasting while drinking lots of water and green tea. This will help eradicate toxins that build up in the body overtime and you will undoubtedly experience markedly improved health.

Intermittent fasting helps restore your body’s self-healing abilities

When the human body is in the fasting state, there is no digestion and absorption going on meaning the body can turn its attention to other tasks. Chief amongst these other tasks is the body’s natural healing process. This is a natural process through which body organs and tissues heal naturally and are restored to optimum working capacity.

Studies have proved that intermittent fasting can improve digestion and elimination overtime

Since fasting give your digestive system enough time to rest, digestion will be more effective when you finally decide to eat, the system naturally rejuvenates itself. Studies have ascertained that periodically fasting for short periods of time can in fact make the digestive and elimination system to function better. This means you will be able to get more from the food you eat and will be able to eliminate waste more easily and effectively. Additionally, you will also realize after sometime that digestive issues such as constipation will clear up naturally.

 Intermittent fasting is a healthy way to lose weight that is very easily adaptable for people with busy and demanding schedules

Since this method of weight loss does is not very demanding and does not involve a lot of prior planning, it is perfect for extremely busy individuals who have no time to fast or adhere to a strict workout regimen. All you have to do is schedule your meals when you will be busy running out then remaining hungry when you will be at rest so that your body can spend this time burning fats and self-rejuvenating. This weight loss method balances perfectly between being simple and being healthy.

Research ascertains that intermittent fasting reduces insulin resistance hence reducing the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is increasingly becoming common in the current society. It is mainly characterized by high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. This means any mechanism that reduces insulin resistance is very effective in lowering blood sugar hence protecting the body against type 2 diabetes.Reliable scientific studies have proved that intermittent fasting has major benefits for insulin resistance and can lead to significant reduction in blood sugar levels.

However, these studies have indicated that blood sugar control is more pronounced in men.Intermittent fasting is a relatively new method of weight loss that is still being studies by experts to ascertain how beneficial it can be. These 6 benefits make it worth a try