What are the benefits of cooking at Home?

What are the benefits of cooking at Home?

The current generation is so occupied with their busy schedules that cooking at home takes a back seat. Most people end up depending on fast food and processed foods that in the long term eating out is not only expensive but can also have detrimental side effects to your health. When it comes down to feeding both your body and mind, there is nothing better than preparing your food from scratch suing quality organic ingredients. If you are a fan of eating out, try home cooking for just a month, I guarantee you, you will never eat or order food again. Additionally cooking time is the perfect opportunity for your family to work together and bond. Seems like hard work but it is totally worth it. Still sceptical!

Here are 10 indispensable benefits of home cooking

Home cooking is affordable as compared to eating out

What most people do not know is that prepared and package meals will cost you significantly more than buying ingredients and making food from scratch. The best thing about cooking meals at home when it comes to cost is that there is no wastage. Any leftovers can be refrigerated then eaten later. If you work out of home you can simply carry leftovers for lunch. This will help you stay away from eating junk and processed foods that causes weight gain and will also save you a lot of money both in the long term and short term.

When you look at it objectively, home-cooking saves a considerable amount of time

It takes a lot of time and effort to drive to a restaurant, wait in line, place your order and wait to be served. Since most people prefer eating at home you also waste a lot of time driving back home and then serve the food. This is unlike cooking at home which simply entails buying groceries which you can do once a week then  just refrigerate what can  get spoilt. If you compare the price of making a three course meal at home and eating a three course meal in a restaurant you will be surprised at how much you save and how much less time it take to just eat at home.

When you cook at home you can ensure that the food has less trans-fats and salt is used moderately

Sure you can choose the restaurant you want, what is out of your control is how the restaurant prepares the food. It goes without saying that one single customer cannot control how food is prepared in restaurant. Since it is a business their main objective is to make money and not keep you healthy. Trans-fats are much cheaper that healthy fats most restaurant make their food using them.

This is unlike at home where you make the food on your won meaning you can dictate every single ingredient, its quality and how much salt you put in the food. When you have more control in how the food is made, it makes it easier to cut out what is not need and ensure that what is needed is pout in moderation.

When cooking your own meals at home it is easier to ensure that the meals are well balanced

Take your time to plan out a well-thought out weekly menu that saves both your time and money. Additionally proper prior planning when it comes to meals is the best way to ensure that you get all the nutrients you need. It is within your power to ensure a balance of fat, protein, carbohydrates and all the essential minerals and vitamins that developing children or adults need to survive and thrive. If you eat a balanced diet daily, you will not only feel satisfied but will also have fewer cravings and this in turn prevents binge eating and late night snacking.

Home-cooking is the best way to prevent instances of food poisoning

Do you know that close to 76 million people are affected by food poisoning in the United States each year? This is according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). These statistics are shocking because it means that many people are spending their money to eat in establishment that prepare food in a questionable manner.

So what causes food poisoning in the first place? It is as a result of food-borne pathogens ranging from parasites to bacteria and viruses. These pathogens can lead to serious body harm and sometimes even cause death. According to reliable statistics 40 cents of every US dollar spent on food is on restaurant prepared meals. This significantly increases the chances of consuming meals that are prepared by inexperienced and careless handlers and this poses a great risk for cross contamination or improper cooking methods that make food susceptible to contamination.

When preparing your meals at home you are in charge of everything meaning that you can control the level of cleanliness, how much heat you use and the quality of ingredients that you use in the preparation process. This hugely decreases the chances of food poisoning. As a rule of thumb when cooking at home ensure that you hands are clean and also thoroughly wash any raw produce you intend to use in your cooking.

Home-cooking ensures that food gives you the energy and nutrients you need to survive and thrive

While food can be a great source of energy and away to ensure that you stay healthy, fit, it can also cause pain, sickness and also deplete your energy levels significantly when not well prepared. According to renowned chef and nutritionist Christina Pirello, you are what you eat, this according to her book ‘Cook your way to life you want’. In this book she insist that letting someone else prepare our meals is like giving an outsider control over what your body feels alike and whether it is vulnerable to illness.

Home-cooking brings families together

Preparing meals at home is the perfect opportunity for families to spend time together, bond and get to know each other better. The entire family can take part in the preparation of meals. For a parent you are instilling the character of healthy eating in your child when you prepare healthy meals together. This is a lesson that they will probably uphold all their lives. According to knowledgeable and experienced psychologists when a meal is prepared with a calm mind and loving thoughts, it will be an incredibly powerful tonic for both the mind and the physical body. If you ask most people who love cooking they will say they either learnt it from parent or grandparents, start cooking today and you will gift your child something that will aid them all their life.

When trying to lose weight home-cooking is your best bet at success

While there are so many restaurants claiming to cook healthy meals using organic ingredients, very few of this claims are actually legit. In fact most of these claims are straight up lies made up as marketing strategies to promote the restaurants and make it more popular. When trying to lose weight you need to maintain a regular exercise regimen and also eat healthy and nutritious food free from trans-fats and too much cholesterol.

This is close to impossible to achieve when you are not in control of the food you eat right from how it is prepared and the ingredients used. If you are having problems with excessive weight gain, it is high time to begin cooking on your own. When cooking on your own, it is within your power to ensure that the food is nutritious, low in cholesterol and still tasty enough to keep of the cravings for sugar and junk food.


Home-cooking tips that will help you prepare safe, tasty and nutritious meals

Cleanliness is important

When cooking at home ensure that you wash your hands using soap and water then thoroughly wash all the ingredients using running water so that any germs or bacteria are washed off. Additionally any raw ingredients that may harbour bacteria such as meat must be boiled to avoid food poisoning

Be bold and try out new things

Since you are cooking at home you can try out new things that can make your food healthy. For instance once in a while how about a vegan meal? Organic ingredients that are sourced from reliable vendors are a great way to ensure that your meals are infused with nutritional value and taste. When trying out new thing consider the opinion of the other family members or friends that will partake in the meal. I mean the last thing anyone wants is spending your time, money and effort cooking and then no one ends up enjoying or eating the meal other than you.

Use organic ingredients

Although a bit pricey they are totally worth every penny. This is because apart from being tastier they are also more nutritious and also help you maintain a healthy body weight. If you embrace healthy and organic ingredients you will notice a quick and positive impact on your health and energy levels.


There is nothing better than home-cooking. It is healthy, nutritious and extremely satisfying.