Choosing the best razor for the perfect shaving experience

Choosing the best razor for the perfect shaving experience

Avoid buying the Choosing the best razor for the perfect shaving experience is an uphill task for a beginner. Heck, it is even challenging for experienced shavers. Although there are numerous options to choose from, it all ultimately comes down to personal needs because every person’s face and preference is unique and different.There is a big chance you won’t get it right the first time. To save you trouble of wasting your money and spending too much time looking for a razor that works for you, here is an objective, unbiased and comprehensive guide. This article details the factors you should take into consideration when trying to pick out the perfect razor;

 The edge and safety of the razor

These two factors are indispensable and go hand in hand. You have two options to choose from;

a.) Single edged razor

As the name suggests, it has one edge and works best for disposable blades; only one side of the razor head is exposed. They are not very common today because most manufacturers transitioned to cartridge razors. Typically, the blade is much thicker meaning the shave is more aggressive; however it gives the closest shave you can get. Only shaving using a straight razor can give you a similarly close shave. You need to be careful to avoid cuts and nicks making this type of razor not a great choice for beginners.

b.) Double Edge Safety Razors

This type is equipped with two shaving sides that are usually identical. It gives a user more flexibility as you can choose to use the side you prefer. The double edge razor is designed with safety in mind hence the razor is not as sharp as that of the single edge. This makes it safer to use on a bushy beard.

Price is important

Just as when purchasing any product, price is an important consideration. It all comes down to your needs and your budgets. If you are just starting out, it is important not to get carried away and buy the most expensive option with the notion that it is the best.

It is advisable to begin with a moderately priced one and see how it feels. A great starting point is the Dorco Pace 6+ Razor for Men which guarantees maximum coverage and a smooth finish.

The razor head

This is an important factor that many people ignore. You can either go for one with a stable razor-head or an adjustable one. A great advantage of the adjustable razor blade it that it allows you to set the aggressiveness of the razor according to the kind of shave you like. This has a lot to do with exposure from the razor-head gap and the angle of the razor blade.

 The razor gap

This is another vital factor that should not be dismissed when selecting the right razor. When you are replacing the blade, pay keen attention to how the razor-head locks the blade. Ensure that the gap is symmetrical across the whole length of the blade. If you are using a double edge razor, make sure the gap is the same on both sides. Additionally, the razor blade also needs to lock tightly on the razor-head so that there is no blade movement hen you are shaving.

The safety handle of the razor

You need to be comfortable using the razor you ultimately choose because shaving is a routine task. When looking for the perfect safety handle for you, consider weight and length because these factors play an important role on ensuring a pleasant shaving experience. If you have big hands, a small handle is not ideal for you and vice versa.

Does the material used to make the handle matter?

Absolutely, you need to choose a material that is both long lasting and comfortable to hold. The most common material is metal in chrome because it has a rough surface that provides a better grip. Another great option is the one with a rubber cover because it offers great grip it the metal material easily slips of your hands. Most high-earned razors boast handles made from high quality wood which is also easy to use.


Choosing the best razor for the perfect shaving experience will require you to research widely and know exactly what you need so that you can awrong one.