The Beard Czar-Facial Hair Complex- Highly Effective


The After Shave Gel with soothing and anti-inflammatory action from Unicpharma was developed thinking about male skin after shaving the beard czar, it needs special care to treat possible irritations. With that, we present Unicpharma’s After Shave Gel, it has exclusive formula beard czar cream, has healing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimycotic and emollient action.

Thus, it prevents and reduces the effects of irritation, caused by the blade, reducing redness and burning sensation, providing freshness and relief. In addition beard czar facial hair complex reviews and beard czar customer reviews, it keeps the skin hydrated, soft and provides a refreshing sensation instantly after shaving.

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Calendula Auxiliary in the treatment of acne, cuts, wounds, insect bites and mild burns, mainly due to prolonged exposure to the sun, acting as a healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Calendula officinalis has a healing, analgesic, refreshing action for burns, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, circulation activator, precursor to vitamin A, astringent and regenerator. It also assists in insect bites.

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Aloe Vera provides a refreshing feeling to the skin and beard czar oil.

Menthol: When applied to the skin, it dilates blood vessels reviews of beard czar, providing a feeling of freshness followed by an analgesic effect.

Hidroviton: It is a synergistic composition that mimics the components of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor how much is beard czar – Natural Moisturizing Factor of the Skin), which retain the skin’s moisture ensuring prolonged hydrating activity

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Beard czar phytoceramides, is beard czar safe – Reduce irritation and burning sensation after shaving, is beard czar healthy.

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Aloe Vera 5%
2% hydroviton
Calendula 3%
Menthol 0.05%
Carbopol gel 100g

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