How standards of male beauty have changed over the last 100 years


So have the customs of female and male beauty changed over the past 100 years.

Beauty is multifaceted and cannot have standards. However, history knows people who, thanks to their physical characteristics, have become icons of an entire era. We propose that you take a trip back in time, starting 100 years ago, to observe how the main ideals of beauty evolved during the 20th and 21st centuries, from the “Gibson girls” to Kim Kardashian. And, of course, we don’t forget about men, from Clark Gable to Robert Pattinson.

They decided to show who fashionistas have considered ideal in the last 100 years. And at the end of the post, we’ll tell you how it will be in 2018.

Decade of 1910
So have the customs of female and male beauty changed over the past 100 years

Women: the “Gibson Girls” became fashionable: long-necked beauties, big eyes and wavy hair. The silhouette also had its own patterns: the ideal woman must be tall, slender and have an artificially thin waist, as well as large breasts and wide hips.

Men beauty: the mustache became the main attribute of a gentleman in the 1910s. They were perfectly arranged, cut and shaped with wax. At that time, the canons of tall, well-built men were imposed: boxers, circus performers and athletes.

So have the customs of female and male beauty changed over the past 100 years
Women: this stage, called “Flapper” (“Flapper”), was marked by hairstyles with short hair, a slender and young physique, dominating thin eyebrows and a shape of lips that seemed to be a bow to the cupid bow. Big eyes, like deer, have also become two main criteria to be taken into account in order to catalog beauty.

Men: the ideal image of a young man at that time responded to the main character of the novel “An American tragedy”. Jazz was in fashion, as was the search for a relevant and high position in society and luxury, which gave rise to “elegant” hairstyles with a well-shaven face. Therefore, physical strength was no longer valued, being replaced by the ability to attract others and the ability to dance well.

So the customs of female and male beauty have changed in the last 100 years

Women: thanks to the magnificent divas of the cinema, the soft feminine curves are back in fashion. The canon of beauty responded to the correct features of the face, Hollywood-type hair with long lashes, high cheekbones, arched eyebrows and sunken eyes.

Men: beauty men have not escaped the glamor that reigned in Hollywood, the most important standard of male beauty being the figure of Clark Gable. Thanks to this “King of Hollywood” the fashion of the luxury man prevailed, with a trimmed mustache and straight hair combed, honoring rye whiskey, cigars and pipes.