Tips for Growing Healthy Hair


Often, however, during our daily routine, we make mistakes that lead to our hair being damaged and we are forced to run for cover with a nice cut.Once cut, we can’t wait for them to grow back, but we don’t take the necessary precautions to keep them healthy and beautiful. So how do we make hair grow quickly, but above all healthy? It is actually very simple! There are in fact 10 good rules that should be followed to grow strong and healthy hair.

Nothing too difficult, you just need to be patient and take care of your hair, with some precautions that will make the difference.If you are curious to find out what are our tips to help hair grow healthily, you just have to keep reading!The conditioner is a step that should never be skipped, because it helps to keep the hair soft and hydrated after using the shampoo. This is especially important during the colder months.

If you have brittle hair, it is essential to never forget to apply it on all lengths up to the ends, to rehydrate the hair fiber and prevent it from being damaged during drying. So don’t be afraid to use it, even if you have oily skin problems! Just do not apply the balm on the roots, not to further grease the skin, but concentrate on the lengths.

1. Massage the scalp
During the shampoo it is good to massage the skin with the fingertips by applying light pressure: in this way it promotes proper blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and takes care of your hair in a relaxing way. This trick is used to open the follicles, to activate the microcirculation and therefore to regenerate the hair more quickly.

Furthermore, it is always better to avoid too frequent washing: a bad habit that is too widespread that negatively affects hair growth, even worse if used products that contain silicones or substances that are too aggressive for the skin are used. Therefore it is advisable to reduce the washes to 2 maximum 3 times a week.

2. Improve your eating habits A right diet combined with the correct integration of some foods promotes hair growth in a short time. Here is a short list of foods that help fast regrowth:

chicken, lentils, peas, eggs and milk to accelerate hair growth;
lemon, kiwi, orange, parsley help the circulation of the scalp;
olive seed oil and walnuts instead promote microcirculation.
3. Help yourself with supplements and vitamins
Proper nutrition can also be combined with the intake of supplements and vitamins (attention: they are not a substitute for foods and foods). In general, the vitamins that benefit hair are: vitamin A, vitamin E, C, B5 and B6. Furthermore, iron and mineral salts (magnesium, zinc and copper) are excellent allies for long hair.