Tips for Growing Long and Healthy Hair

Tips for Growing Long and Healthy Hair

Not everyone is lucky enough to grow long hair just like that. Most of us must be patient, put in effort and deliberately change the care we give to our hair. If it seems that your hair growth isn’t going to happen naturally and quickly you will have to take some necessary steps to make that a reality. How fast your hair can grow will depend on a number of factors e.g. age, specific hair type, overall health and other health conditions. According to science hair growth can be controlled at the cellular level. But there isn’t much we can do about the speed with which we can directly influence its growth.

However it’s important to remember that if you experience unexplained and severe loss in hair it’s important to do a checkup because some hair loss can be as a result of certain illnesses or health condition.Given below are just some of the tips you can employ to get your hair long and health,

 Shampoo less frequently

You may be tempted to wash and clean your hair especially after that a session of jogging  or after working out at the gym. Even when you feel like washing your hair you will have to reduce your hairs exposure to shampoo. You should do it a maximum of three times a week.

If it’s a must that you shampoo everyday make sure to use a gentle shampoo that’s free of sulphates. After this make sure to follow up with a natural moisturizer such as almond oil or jojoba oil.

 Go sulfate free

Sulfates are found mostly in shampoos. The main reason as to why manufacturing companies put this chemical in shampoos is so that they can create suds when applied into your hair. Unfortunately these sulfates rip the hair of the vital vitamins that are essential for healthy hair. This results into bristle like, dull and hair that can easily break.

You can make your own all natural shampoo at home or use a good sulfate free shampoo.

Do not style your hair when its wet

Wet hair is prone to damage when its brushed or styled and especially when heat is used as with iron or a hair dryer. To avoid this breakage you will need to air dry your hair first. And if it’s a must for you to brush your hair ensure that you use a hair pick or a wide tooth comb.

Protect your hair

Many external factors may lead to unhealthy scalp and hair and therefore it’s important that you do everything within your means to protect your hair against this. For example when going outside ensure that you have a scarf or make sure you have applied a natural UV protect-ant to prevent your hair from being damaged by the sun’s rays.

Wear a hair cap when going to swim to protect your hair from potentially harmful chemicals. Try avoiding hair bands made from rubber or those with clasps because they may break your hair during removal. Also pulling your hair tightly into a ponytail or braid may lead to breakage. Just apply the simplest technique which is also the safest: just wear it down.

 Avoid hair dyes

Be careful when purchasing hair dyes to avoid those that have chemicals that have the potential to destroy your hair. Even if claimed to be made from natural ingredients take caution as most dyes are made from chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia which are harmful to your hair.

Instead choose other natural alternatives like henna, tea and amla.

Eat more protein

It’s normally said we are what we eat. Similarly its safe to say that our hair is what we eat. Hair is primarily build by the protein keratin, and so if you want to have those long and thick dreadlocks then you should make a point of incorporating a lot of proteins into your diet.

If your hair is weak and breaks easily then you should consider adding protein rich foods such as fish, soy, lean poultry, almonds and fat free yoghurt.


Biotin is a B vitamin that’s found naturally in foods such as salmon, wheat germ, egg yolks, almonds and chicken. It’s also known to prevent hair from falling besides other health benefits.

For those who can’t consistently commit to a diet you can get biotin in the form of supplements

Essential oils

Mix a few drops of pumpkin seed oil into a shampoo or alternatively dilute it with jojoba oil. In a study it was found that pumpkin seed increased the hair count in men by approximately 40%

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t apply essential oils direct to your skin. You may mix these essential oils with other oils that also prevent hair damage such as coconut, mineral, sunflower, and castor.

 Topical ointments for hair

Especially for people experiencing hair loss, topical ointments have the potential to make your hair grow. Studies indicate that these products are highly effective when it comes to treating alopecia and promoting hair growth.

  • Topical melatonin can reduce hair loss and increase hair density
  • Propecia
  • Ketaconazole shampoo.

 Silky pillowcase

You will need to switch up your pillow case to a silky one because it helps avoid tangling in your hair and breakage. Remember for your hair to grow longer you should have as less breakages as possible.

It’s good to remember that you can take care of your hair easily because most of these things are within your day to day control. The best way to start this is through improving your nutrition in order to prevent thinning and hair loss. Remember to stay hydrated and have a balanced diet. You should check with your doctor if you have started experiencing significant hair loss.

Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can provide you with cleaner and fresher feeling without needing to go inside a shower. They typically come in different kinds of formulas, from paste, powder, and spray ones. The easiest to use and the most useful ones are dry shampoos that are inside aerosol sprays. Some people think of this as a necessity that is unnecessary but after knowing the advantages below, they will surely find this useful.

Advantages of Using Dry Shampoos

Makes Hairstyle Last Longer

One of the advantages of using dry shampoo is that it can help your hairstyle to last for an extended period. If you often go to the salon to have a blow-dry, then you can limit your visit because dry shampoos can help your hairstyle to last for two to three days. That also means that it can be big savings for you not just when it comes to money, but as well as with your time.

Replaces as a Wash

If you are in a hurry to rush to work or a party, you probably no longer have time to go inside the shower. Fortunately, with the dry shampoos, you no longer have to worry about it. The reason behind this is because it can absorb smell and oil from your hair and scalp. This will then leave your hair feeling fresh and looking beautiful.

Volumizes the Hair

Another great benefit that dry shampoo has is that it adds volume to your hair. People with limp hair or beautiful hair will surely benefit from using dry shampoos. You no longer need to suffer from flat looking hair because this type of shampoo can provide fullness almost instantly.

Can Be Used Anywhere

Of course, with dry shampoo, you may use it anywhere and anytime you please. You can use it before going to bed, for you to wake up with hair that looks well refreshed. The reason behind this is because the hair will absorb the formula thoroughly.

Guide on Taking Care of your Dread-locked Hair


Dreadlocks are an awesome and stylish way of adopting the natural hair lifestyle. Well maintained dreadlocks are not only visually appealing but also quite fashionable and make a distinct cultural statement. Finding the right techniques to maintain beautiful dreadlocks is pertinent to avoid issues such as bad odor, dull looking hair and consistent and excessive hair breakage. For all dreadlocks enthusiasts, here is a brief rundown of five techniques that never disappoint.

Shampoo your dreadlocks regularly using residue free shampoos

Contrary to common misconception that washing dreadlocks harms hair, regular cleaning is actually good for the scalp particularly if you have dreadlocks. Cleaning ensures the scalp is invulnerable to dandruff and bacteria that may damage hair and deter normal hair growth.

Regularly palm-roll your dreadlocks

Palm rolling your dreadlocks regularly is a great way of keeping the locks tight, keeping them looking beautiful and maintaining a desired shape. Palm rolling should be done by a specialist who is experienced and knowledgeable on dreadlocks. This is because it is only a professional that knows how to do it right and how regularly it should be done.

Deep Condition your dreadlocks regularly

It is absolutely necessary to deep condition your hair regularly so that you prevent breakage. Opt for natural oils such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil that are healthy to your hair and good for your scalp.

Always wear a silk head scarf to bed

Maintain your dreadlocks by tying a night scarf made from silk. Silk is gentle on your dreadlocks and prevents extensive hair breakage. The silk scarf will come in handy in protecting your edges and scalp. Additionally, silk also traps moisture in the hair and you are also protected from friction with pillows and sheets.

Moisturize your dreadlocks everyday

Seek the help of a professional to identify which moisturizer is great for your dreadlocks. Daily moisturizing will prevent your dreadlocks from getting too dry which results in hair breakage. Essential oils such as mint, jasmine and lavender are great options for moisturizing because they also leave your hair smelling amazing. Jojoba oil is particularly beneficial as it soothes the scalp preventing itching.

Finally protect your edges

The edges at the front of your hair are the weakest part of your hair. They are vulnerable to breakage and this leads a premature receding hair line. Protect your edges by avoiding styles that are too tight and also keeping the edges moisturized at all times.