Hair Care and Styling Tips


look different – hair tips take care

1. Heart shaped: this cut in the shape of a heart in the hair is not darling among the curly and curly for nothing, see? It is perfect for those who like the fuller root style and less volume tips, it can be done in all lengths and leaves the look supermoderninho!

2. Bangs: have you noticed how the curly / curly bangs are on the rise? You can bet on it without fear! The look is trendy and completes the look in a very elegant way – especially following the more rounded cuts – such as heart shaped, for example. But remember to always cut it dry, okay with look different hair tips take care?

3. Layers: nothing better to enjoy the full volume of the hair like cutting in layers! In curly hair this technique is even more neat in both medium and long locks – it’s worth betting!

4. Long bob: this cut is far from being exclusive to straight or wavy strands – and it looks amazing in the curly look! The secret, like the fringe, is to dry-cut to create the right asymmetry and rock in style with front ends larger than the back.

5. Pixie: do you want to radicalize? The pixie can be a great idea! It leaves the look very modern, light and easy to deal with on a daily basis. What about?

6. Semi-attached on the side: do you want to make the look different from the ordinary on a daily basis? Then try to pin only a lock of hair on the side with the help of an accessory or clip and bet on a fake sidecut look.

7. Double bun: for fans of the funniest hairstyle, betting on the double bun with the semi-attached or all-attached hairstyle is a great way out! Best of all, it’s easy to do, see? But if you need help or inspiration, click here and check look different hair tips take care.

8. Pineapple bun: favorite option for most curly and curly hair, pineapple bun leaves a stripped and light look in hair styling. You can bet on the side or traditional version and, of course, disguise the bad hair day!

9. Half bun: similar to the double bun, only in a single version, the semi-attached hairstyle with a high bun on top is another option to vary the fun and modern look with the arrangement of the threads. Click here to get inspired by some possibilities!

10. Low twisted bun: if you are looking for a more elegant and sophisticated hairstyle for a special occasion, try the low twisted bun! It stylizes the threads with a lot of glamor and is easier to do than it looks, see? Follow this step by step here and rock!