Best organic shampoos for kids


To find the most effective best organic shampoos for babies and children, we must opt for delicate and not very aggressive products. It is advisable to choose shampoos with formulations based on natural, soothing and emollient ingredients, capable of treating the sensitive skin of babies. Furthermore, we must not forget to look at the type of skin and the pH of the product, so here are the 10 best shampoos for babies and children to buy.

1. Mustela sweet – best organic shampoos

Mustela Sweet best organic shampoos washes and detangles delicate hair effectively. It has a formulation composed of 93% natural ingredients: it contains avocado perseose, able to protect the skin barrier and moisturize; mild surfactants that cleanse but do not dry out the scalp; chamomile extracts with softening properties. It is also hypoallergenic and clinically tested.

2. Aveeno baby hair and body bath

Aveeno’s Baby Hair and Body Bath is a 2in1 product, able to gently cleanse and hydrate the baby from head to toe. It has a naturally active colloidal oat-based formulation, does not contain soap, alcohol or parabens. It is designed specifically for babies’ skin and can be used every day. It leaves the body well hydrated and the hair shiny and easy to detangle.

Pros: It is tested by pediatricians and in a single product it meets the needs of our baby.

Cons: The packaging is smaller than that of other products.

3. Chicco Without Tears Box – best organic shampoo 2018

The Chicco Senza Tacrime box includes a best organic shampoos, a shower gel and a soothing paste, able to ensure our baby daily hygiene. The Without Tears formula is enriched with calendula extracts, with soothing, emollient, purifying, refreshing and antiseptic properties. All products are also designed for the most sensitive skin best organic shampoo 2018, as they reduce inflammation and adequately treat damaged or irritated tissues.

Pros: It is an excellent gift idea, thanks also to the practical box supplied.

Cons: Shampoo and shower gel are packaged in 200ml.