Top 6 best setting sprays to choose from


Makeup with Glasses: the mistakes to be avoided absolutely
There are mistakes that absolutely must be avoided if you want flawless eyewear make-up. I’ll summarize them below by dividing them by the main products that are used for an everyday make-up: best setting sprays for dry skin.

best setting sprays for dry skin:

Mascara: Many girls who wear glasses abound with mascara, in order to make it more noticeable through the lens. The principle is correct, but a lot of attention is needed, since the glasses must not be worn before the mascara is completely dry, otherwise you risk dirtying the entire lens and removing the product from the lashes.
Foundation: Care must be taken not to overdo the foundation. This is because you risk dirtying the nose and ruining the make-up. For this reason I suggest you use makeup fixers, such as sprays or simply transparent powders.
Blush: avoid using the cream blush, but prefer the powder one. In this way the product will not remain glued to the frame.
Eyeshadow and Eyeliner: Short-sighted glasses tend to make the eyes smaller. The advice is therefore not to skimp with light eyeshadows that widen the look. Instead, for astigmatics, the suggestion is to opt for smokey eyes that will make the look more sensual.
But, now let’s move on to the last tip, which is perhaps the most important of all!

best setting sprays for makeup

Perfect best setting sprays for makeup
The last suggestion is to buy a transparent frame that we have discussed extensively previously, or a color that matches the make-up we usually wear.

In addition, choosing particular and large eyeglasses could be useful to make eye makeup more evident. To do this, best setting sprays for makeup you can have fun with our eyewear configurator, which allows you to modify the frame at 360 ° by choosing the color and model you prefer.