Interesting Ways to Store Your Make up

Interesting Ways to Store Your Make up

Make up is quickly becoming a basic necessity and as a result most of us have an extensive make up collection that has slightly gotten out of control. It s hard trying to figure out where to store our millions of nail polishes and eyeliners and most of the times out bathroom counters and drawers are overflowing with beauty products that we have amassed overtime. To create some organization that makes it easy to find your make up when you are on the go, it is important to find creative ways to store them.

Here are 6 interesting ways to store your make up that will make them easy to locate and make your pace look well organized and neat

A spice rack can come in handy to beautifully store and display all your perfume bottles

The spice rack is no longer just a preserve for your kitchen; it is a great way to store all your perfume bottles. Apart from displaying them in an organized manner, it makes them easily retrievable and invulnerable to breakage. Alternatively you can arrange them on a cake stand.

A revolving spice rack is a great way to arrange all your beauty products

Everyday beauty supplies now form a large part of our makeup collection. These supplies are extensive; they include facial products such as moisturizers, cleansers, scrubs, body lotions and a myriad of other products. Storing them on a revolving spice rack is not only an organized way to keep them but also ensures you can find what you are looking for when in a hurry.

Your make brushes can fit perfectly in sun-glass case making them easy to carry around particularly when traveling

make up brushes

Are you losing your make up brushes because they are spread throughout out your bathroom? The solution is easy and surprising; simply store them in a slim sunglasses case. It makes it easy to carry them around and ensure you don’t lose any.

Sticking your eye shadow singles into an ice tray slots displays them so you easily see all shades simultaneously

Have you ever spent hours looking for that eye shadow shade you want? No judgment! It happens to the best of us. By storing all your eye shadow singles in an ice tray it ensures you find them easily anytime you need the,

A cute cookie jar is the perfect way to store your nail polishes

cute cookie jar is the perfect way to store your nail polishes

Ever wondered where to store your nail polishes so that you don’t lose them or so that they don’t break and spill? Simple and surprising! The cute cookie jar is perfect!

A decorative wine bottle will ensure your hair ties are beautifully arranged and easy to find

Ever wondered how to use that decorative wine bottle you have idly lying around in your home? It is the perfect place to neatly arrange all your hair ties.

You don’t need to spend extravagantly so that you can store you make up supplies safely. With a little creativity you can find great ways to arrange and store your entire make up supply.