Safe Ways to Naturally Enhance your Breasts

Safe Ways to Naturally Enhance your Breasts

Think of any beautiful woman that the world adores from Scarlet Johansson to Salma Hayek and even Katy Perry, they all have one thing in common. Yep, you guessed it right, all these stars have prominent chest areas and are thought by many to be drop dead gorgeous. Because the society today dictates that women with a larger cup size are considered more sexy and attractive, it is no wonder breast augmentation is one of the most popular services offered by plastic surgeons all over the world. This is just a notion imposed to us by society and it is not in any way true. Beauty is reality depends on what a particular woman likes and considers pretty.

However, if you feel that there is a need to make your breasts bigger in size, going under the knife is not the only option at your disposal. Keep in mind that breast augmentation surgery is an intricate and serious surgery that requires anaesthesia and comes with its own set of potential side effects. It is also quite costly. A great alternative though not as effective and immediate is natural breast augmentation which is less invasive and DIY. Before knocking on you’re a plastic surgeons’ office, you should consider this cheaper, safer and highly effective way to boost your cup size. Check out these 6 natural ways to enlarge your breasts.

Regular Breast Massage

Have you ever considered massaging your breasts on a regular basis? If not, then perhaps, today you should start, especially if you want to boost your cup size. All you need when it comes to massaging your breasts is twenty to thirty minutes daily to stimulate the natural growth of your breasts and you are good to go. At the same time numerous reliable studies have ascertained that a regular breast massage also promotes the production of prolactin, this is the hormone that plays a key role in breast enlargement.

How to do a breast massage

One of the most effective ways to a great massage on your breasts is using the Chi massage. Aside from being the easiest, it is actually the most effective breast enhancing massage that will boost your cup size within a short period of time. To carry out this massage, you only need to gently rub your hands together in order to generate heat then place your warm hands on your breasts. Alternatively, you can choose to use a heat pack to gently warm your breast area. This is helpful in ensuring that proper blood flow and blood circulation even before you start doing the actual massage. To do the massage simply cup your hands over your breasts then gently spread all your fingers so that each is breast is completely supported by each hand. Now move your breasts in circular motion inwardly. Gently do this for 10 to 15 minutes.

Fat Transfer massage/Skin Brushing

As the name suggests, you can probably guess that the objective of this kind of breast massage is to systematically reduce belly fat and increase the amount of fat that is stored in your breast area. Doing this kind of breast massage is quite easy all you have to do is rub your hands together to produce some heat  or alternatively place a heat pack against your breast for at least 5 to ten minutes. After that all you need to do is gently sweep the fat from your abdominal area and upper arms towards your breast area. To make the massage easier and much more enjoyable use some coconut oil since it help moisturize the skin and make the massage much easier.

This kind of massage will not only come in handy in breast enlargement, studies suggest that a regular massage is an excellent way to check if any bumps or lumps are forming in your breasts. Once you notice that any lumps or bumps are starting to form, all you need to do is check them out immediately to ascertain if they are cancerous or not. Who know that regularly massaging your breasts could actually save your life!

Big Breast Work Out Regimen

Assuming that you want to make breast enlargement more challenging and fulfilling endeavor, here is a method that is perfect for you. Unlike a regular breast massage, you will need to exert additional effort. It doesn’t hurt that you will also become lean and fit in the process. There are several workouts that target the breast area including:

The Dumbbell Bench Press

Simply lie down on a bench and raise your arms straight while holding a dumbbell on each hand. Now lower the dumb bells until they are pretty close to the sides of your chest area. After this now gently lift your arms back to the starting position and repeat this movement at least ten times.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

This is also another exercise that makes use of dumbbells. The difference is that you should ensure to incline the bench by 25 to around 30 degrees.

Dumbbell Fly

Lie down on a flat bench with your face up and both your feet laying flat on the floor. Now hold a dumbbell on each hand just slightly above the shoulders while your elbows are slightly bent.

It is important to keep in mind that when trying to boost your cup size through exercise, the aim it build muscle underneath the breast tissue. There is no doubt that routinely doing these exercises will not give you an instant D cup, what it will do will give you an extra boost that will make your boobs naturally appear bigger in size and actually more shapely which is always a good thing.

Herbal Breast Enlargement

For thousands of years, a collection of herbs and other naturally sourced products have been used to aid in breast enlargement successfully. Want to know why these herbal treatments have lasted for so long. Simple, it is because they work! This is the reason why if you check most breast enlargement pills you will notice that herbs feature prominently on the ingredient list. Some of the most effective breast enlargement herbs according to reliable studies include:



In India, this herb is used in the treatment of skin inflammation conditions, eczema and wounds. This herb is effective in curing this skin conditions and enhancing breast size because it mimics the effects that oestrogen has on a woman’s body. Additionally, fenugreek also helps to stimulate the production of breast enlarging hormone prolactin. All you need is 500 milligrams of fenugreek capsules, 3 daily will suffice.

Saw Palmetto

This is a herb mostly used in the kitchen. What most people do not know is that it can also come in handy in breast enlargement. It achieves this by blocking the enzymes that come in handy in making your boobs bigger naturally. The ideal dosage is 160 grams of saw palmetto daily.

Fennel Seeds

This is herb packed with flavonoids that have pretty potent estrogenic properties. If you are still breastfeeding, this herb will come in handy in increasing milk supply. Research has ascertained that this herb works by helping grow breast tissue in women. For great results, just take 480 grams of fennel seed capsules thrice a day.

Keep in mind that when taking this or any other herbal supplement, you need to seek medical attention from a doctor who exhaustively understands your history. They will ascertain whether the supplement is right for you and the appropriate dosage.

The wonder Bra can work wonders

Although many people are quite skeptical about the wonder bra, it actually works. Let us assume you are not a fan of exercise and are not into herbs, what do you do then? There is a safer and faster solution that will help make your boobs bigger naturally. Say hello to the Miracle Bra also known as the Wonder Bra. This pretty comfortable bra comes with convertible straps so that you are able to wear it anytime and anywhere regardless of the top you are wearing.

Eat your way to a bigger cup size

Is there anything more natural than simply eating? If you are not willing to try the other methods mentioned above then you can try eating breast-enhancing foods that can boost your cup size. This does not mean eating all types of food or overeating yourself to a pulp, it means eating specific foods that are rich in estrogen. Some foods to include in your diet are vegetables, fruits, whole grains, yogurt, soybeans, sesame seeds and tofu. Your breast will thank you!

Natural breast enlargement is possible. YES, it will be slow and will require effort on your part. The upside is that you can be sure it has no negative side effects on your general health and also quite affordable.

Foods that are great in maintaining appearance and health of breasts

Now that we have seen how you can naturally enhance your breast size the following are some of the advantages choosing this route over cosmetic surgery. They include;

 Natural methods are non invasive

Cosmetic methods involve invasive procedures which can have physical and mental strain. These kinds of surgeries are also very extensive covering the entire breast surface area. They are also very complicated procedures and have high chances of failure. Redoing these surgeries over and over again deals a major blow on the mental health of a patient. Compare it with natural ways which don’t have this disadvantage.

 Natural forms don’t have any foreign body implants

With natural methods the idea is basically to tone, shape or restructure your chest area. Natural methods don’t require any form of insertion as compared to cosmetic surgeries where implants particularly silicon have to be incorporated into your body tissues.

Many women even though don’t feel any pain after surgery; acknowledge a feeling of discomfort because the breasts feel different from natural ones.

No side effects

Natural methods have only but additional benefits as compared to cosmetic surgeries. There are many women who are forced to remove these foreign implants following heavy complications. As compared to natural methods such as exercises which have healthy beneficial effects.

Natural methods are cheaper and better

The cost of a cosmetic surgery ranges somewhere between $5000 and $8000.on top of this amount no guarantees are offered in case something goes wrong and so you might probably end up paying more. As compared to natural methods you won’t have to spend that much. Naturally enhanced breasts basically can be termed as a bigger version of your former breasts. They have the same texture, contours not forgetting the imperfections. Artificial breasts look perfect. Now there you have it. The whole point is it’s very possible to have your breasts enlarged without taking the risk of going under the knife. Going by the complications associated with cosmetic surgeries natural method is just the way to go

It is against viable medical advisable to jump from small to extra large

There are many women who prefer extra large breasts and want to get them at any cost. If you go to a unscrupulous doctor, they will not care and will likely just give you what you want, however this is not advisable. For instance if you starting out with an A cup, there is no way you will get a D cup right away. Set goals that are realistic when it comes to breast segmentation. Your body particularly your skin needs some time to gradually adjust to changes so that you are not affected negatively. A knowledgeable and experienced surgeon will suggest going up just a couple cup sizes first then increasing to the large size you want after a few years.

There is a huge chance that breast reductions and breast augmentations can affect your ability to breastfeed in the future

Most women who have breast implants often times will make the choice not to breast feed. When it comes to breastfeeding with implant each woman has a different experience so brace yourself for the thought that you may not be able to breast feed your baby. Most breast augmentations entail an areola incision and this poses a risk on damaging minor ducts that will disconnect the areola complex from the most important portion of the breast glands. This will hinder your ability to breast feed in the future. Doctors advise women who want to breastfed in the future to go for the underarm incision or in the crease of the breast so that the important breastfeeding glands are not disconnected from the areola.

There is a huge chance that you will lose feeling in your nipple after breast augmentation surgery

Whenever there is any surgery done on the breasts, there is a large chance that you will lose nipple sensation; this is particularly common when it comes to breast augmentation. Whether you will lose feeling at the nipples will depend on a number of factors include the type of surgery and the shape of the breast. You need to know that if you happen to lose the sensation in your nipple, they will still be able to respond to stimulation and cold. This simply means they will be able to get hard and you can feel them getting hard.

If you have a strong family history of breast cancer, obesity or you smoke you are not a good candidate for breast augmentation

These factors that are mentioned such as breast cancer, tobacco and obesity are risk factors for complications after the breast augmentation surgery. This is why you need to go to a doctor who is knowledgeable and experienced surgeon who will first and foremost carry out and extensive medical test on you before you are cleared for surgery. A thorough medical examination before any surgery is important so that doctors know what to expect before and after the surgery is done.

No matter how they market themselves not all surgeons and trustworthy and board certified

Just because he has a fancy office and a professional looking website does not mean he is a good surgeon. The most important factor to take into consideration when deciding on a surgeon is whether they are board certified. This is because board certification is not only evidence of their education but also of their compliance to the rules and regulations that plastic surgeries need to follow when performing operations on patients. This is why it is important to take your time and ascertain which board certification is most important when it comes to plastic surgery. For instance in the United States ensure that your surgeon is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Essentially ensure they have certifications from boards that uphold a high standard of maintenance and criteria.


As a rule of thumb don’t let yourself be the guinea pig, go for a surgeon who is experienced and has a good reputation.