Breast Actives Reviews


Exercises to increase your breasts work, and it’s not about magic: regaining self-confidence and being satisfied with your breasts is really possible. Increasing your breasts is the biggest dream of many, too many women; to satisfy him, many girls throw themselves into cosmetic surgery or decide to wear padded bras. Yet it is not necessary, because there are several natural ways and physical exercises to make it grow effectively.

Certainly these exercises require effort, effort and dedication, and will not increase you two sizes. The satisfaction in naturally increasing and enlarging the breasts will certainly be greater, with excellent results.In this article we will examine the main and most important methods for training the female chest muscles. Let’s find out together the safest and most efficient exercises to increase breast size without tricks and in a completely natural way. The exercises we will talk about are:

  • push ups
  • push-ups on a chair
  • chest press with dumbbells
  • stretched plank on the mat
  • contractions
  • desk mini workout
  • use of weights

Push ups
The classic push-ups, those in the supine position, are a useful exercise for breast augmentation. In fact, push-ups do not only act on the arms and biceps but also on the pectorals. By training the chest muscles, its size increases, which affects the breasts. The sense will appear firmer and fuller. This is the classic Marine-style training: it is an exceptional workout because it works on multiple muscles and acts effectively.

To make the exercise effective, you need to lie on the ground in a prone position with your arms bent and palms resting on the ground, push yourself up with your arms lifting your chest and torso. It is important to keep your knees straight and your toes firmly on the ground. You have to push in flexion until your arm is fully stretched. If you are not practical, you can facilitate the exercise by keeping your knees on the floor with less effort. It is important to stay focused on the pectorals and their contraction throughout the exercise.

Push-ups on the chair
Another useful exercise to firm the chest are push-ups on the chair. This is a variant of the exercise proposed previously. To practice this type of training, you must sit firmly on the chair with your hands clasped at the outer edges of the chair and the fingers pointing to the feet. To reach the starting position of the exercise it is necessary to shift the weight on the hands and move forward with the feet until the buttocks rest on the edge of the chair. The exercise consists in bending the elbows to ninety degrees, lowering them, until the shoulders are aligned with the elbows themselves. The buttocks must never touch the ground, but touch it and then return to the original position. the exercise firms the chest (and breasts) but also the buttocks and abdominals. Start with two sets of 8 repetitions each.

Chest press with dumbbells
The dumbbell chest press is an ideal exercise for women who intend to strengthen their pecs, enlarge them and lift their breasts. Exercise is useful for firming up, and requires training with two dumbbells whose weight is bearable for the body.

To perform the exercise correctly, the supine position on a slightly inclined bench is required. The dumbbells must be held laterally with respect to the body and must be raised above the breast, raising them at the same time and making them touch up, just above the chest. Then they slowly lower and the movement is repeated in the same way.