How to Get a Bigger Butt Fast and Naturally at Home

How to Get a Bigger Butt Fast and Naturally at Home

A lot of women having big butts are proud of it and those who don’t desire so much o have it. A big butt is considered sexier and more feminine. So you ask yourself how you can grow your butt naturally. While some opt for cosmetic surgeries and butt implants there are some natural methods that can get you that bigger, firmer butt you always desire to have.

Large butts are in no way something you should be ashamed of but rather it should be something you should long for. The bigger question though is how do you get it? The easiest route to take is surgery but that’s a rather uncomfortable one. Who wants to go under the knife, its painful, expensive and so unnatural. Lucky for you there are whole lot of ways you can try to get a bigger butt that you desire. But generally you will have to do this using a three pronged approach food, exercise and natural herbs or supplements.

First approach: booty building foods.

It’s amazing how eating good food is the solution to almost everything. It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose, gain or maintain your weight the first thing to do is take care of your diet. In this regard if you want to gain weight in your booty its important first you change your eating habits: you must keep in mind that there is no one particular food that will make you booty bigger. However there is a manner in which you can incorporate different kinds of food to grow your butt. Dietary changes provide you with the required building blocks for bigger butts.

First of all focus on the addition of protein in order to build a layer of fat above the muscles of the butt. Secondly you should say a goodbye to junk foods. These foods don’t do your body any good. They tend to increase the general body fat while your aim should be your butt fat, Proteins: you can add proteins to your diet through various ways. some reliable protein sources include eggs,fish,low fat yogurt, protein, whey protein and hemp protein.

The glutes are covered by fats. So to increase this area you will have to eat healthy fats. The sources of these fats include; fish oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, sunflower oil, peanut butter and oily fish. Consult your dietician to get comprehensive diet plan.


This is the obvious choice when it comes gaining mass for any muscle minded person. You can easily tell why eggs are a great alternative. They are cheap, easy to prepare and fun to eat. Eggs are very low in calories and very high in proteins. An egg contains six grams 5-6 grams of proteins and only 60 calories.

Eggs also have other nutritional benefits apart from their protein content i.e. they have nine essential amino acids, chlorine, healthy fats and vitamin D.


Fish comes as a great source of proteins. a good example is the salmon variety. This variety of fish is so rich in proteins. A 100 gram serving yields close to 25grams in proteins. Not only this, it’s also packed with other healthy nutritional contents that you just can’t avoid.

A salmon contains monounsaturated fats that are healthy to your heart and omega 3 fatty acids. Besides these a salmon is a very great source of vitamin D.another great variety of fish is the tuna which has 30 grams of muscle protein in a 5 oz serving. All In all whether tuna or salmon or any other variety, fish is a great source of protein for your muscle gain.


My personal favorite, but then again who doesn’t love chicken? So we must be all in this. Chicken can be regarded as the staple food when it comes to mass building. Very low in fat but with very high protein content.

A lean 100 gram serving of this delicious meal will give you a whooping 31 grams in protein content for your muscle gain. And not to forget this serving will only cost you four grams in fat intake. That is how low in fat chicken is.


Now this is one unrivaled plant food that’s so rich in protein content doesn’t matter whether its served as tofu, edamane or soy milk the muscle building proteins contained in soybeans cannot be compared to any other plant source.

A one cup serving of cooked soybeans contains in excess of 20 grams of amino acids. Besides its protein content soy beans are also rich in other important minerals and vitamins.

 Lean ground meat

Red meats are avoided because of the stigma they carry. But that shouldn’t be the case. Red meats are an excellent source of muscle gaining proteins. Consider their protein content, in 100 grams of lean ground beef that contains in excess of 27 grams of pure protein.

The slight difference is its high fat content as compared to other sources of proteins, ie the same serving has 11 grams of fat and close to 200 calories. However beef separates itself from other meat competitors because of its presence of other additional vitamins and minerals. Beef contains zinc, iron and vitamin B12 which collectively are very important in the growth and development of muscles.

Micronutrients: basically these are vitamins and minerals that are very essential for proper functioning of our bodies. Excellent sources of these include vegetables, fruits, nuts and pulses. Since you will be training hard to get a bigger butt you will need this to protect your body from fatigue

  • Carbs: carbs are very important to give you the necessary energy that you require in your workouts. However, how much you eat should depend on the resistance of your workouts. Examples of sources of carbs are sweet potatoes, brown rice, barley, corn, wheat bread and grapefruit.

Second approach: exercise

Remember a large chunk of your butt is muscles. So if you want to a get a bigger and firmer butt you will need to exercise those buttock muscles. Incorporate weights but focus on your butt in order to gain mass on those areas. Some of the exercises you will need in your workouts include:

Glute bridges; this is good as a warm up to your muscles. It might be challenging initially but you will get used to it as time goes. Follow these steps to perform this exercise;

  • Lying on your back with your feet hip width apart place weights on the pelvic area
  • Lift off the pelvis off the flow lowering it back to the floor.
  • Do this 10-20 time.

Kneeling kickback. This exercise works on the largest muscle on your butt which is the gluteus maximas. The steps for performing this exercise are as under;

  • First kneel on the floor while assuming the push up position with kneels parallel to the pelvis. Your knees and palms should support your body weight
  • After getting comfortable in this position bring your right knee close to the chest then kick it back as high as possible. Do the same with the left leg
  • Repeat the process 10 time.

Lunges; now this should be the best exercise when you want to tone your butt. To make it even more efficient try doing it with some weights. Follow these steps

  • Stand straight with your feet close(about 3cm apart)
  • Step forward with the right leg and then bend the left leg “as if you are proposing”
  • Do this again with the left leg
  • Repeat the set 10 times

Barbell squat; thus is a great way to exercise your muscles especially since they will be put under tension owing to the weight. Follow these steps:

  • With a barbell on your shoulders near the trapezius muscles assume the squatting position i.e. the thighs should be parallel to the floor.
  • With your shoulders pushed back, your chest outwards and your butt down maintain this position.
  • Balance your body through keeping your hands in front
  • To return to your previous position squeeze your thighs and glutes..
  • Repeat this movement slowly for a period of about 15-20 min.

Other important exercises that you can incorporate in your workout include plie squat, deadlifts,climbing the steps, yoga and scissor kicks.

Third approach: herbs or supplements

Ensure that whatever you take is an all natural supplement. There are several pills out there that claim to make your butt bigger. What you should ensure is to avoid chemical containing pills..

Natural pills such as those containing ingredients such as saw palmetto, dong qua, maca root and wild yam will make your butt grow bigger and safely. From all these you can tell that growing a big butt shouldn’t be expensive after all. infact you can have that big butt that you desire in just a month by following the three approaches. Also keep in mind you will need perseverance especially when workouts are involved