7 Surprisingly simple tips that will make your nail art last longer

7 Surprisingly simple tips that will make your nail art last longer

After spending your time, effort or money getting that that classy nail-art you have always wanted, the last thing you need is getting your nails budged, smudged or chipped in just two days! These unbelievable effective beauty tips will come in handy in making your nail art last longer.

Choose a nail length that you are comfortable with

The appropriate length for your nails is one that allows you to comfortably go about your normal routine without risking nail breakage. Apart from a preventing your nail art from getting ruined too soon, these techniques will also take precautionary measures to avoid chipped nails which can be terribly painful. A nail length you are comfortable with can accommodate your daily activities without ruining your attractive nails. A shorted nail is definitely the style to go with if your routine involves a lot of typing or even playing a musical instrument.

Whether your nail art is DIY or professionally done, ensure your nails are well prepped

Prepping nails before nail art ensures that the nail is ready to accommodate durable nail art. Here is a reliable step by step nail prep guideline that will never disappoint

Start by removing any remnant nail polish-only use a quality nail polish remover

Proceed to buffing your nails so that their surface is smoothed

Cutting cuticles with make your nails look cleaner and this will enhance visual appeal of the nail art

Whether you are doing it alone or it is being professionally, always ensure that your nails are filed and reshaped or resized to suit your preference and comfort.

Always use a high-quality nail polish if you want your nail art to remain attractive for longer

Using a cheap nail polish/paint is a guarantee that your nail art will fade and blur quickly. Instead of randomly buying nail polish in a general store, how about visiting a cosmetic store and talk to a professional who knows which brands or type lasts longer and works best.

When the nail art is being applied ensure you give each coat sufficient time to dry before applying the next layer

To avoid your beautiful nail art from getting ruined easily, be patient and let every coat of nail polish before applying the next.

Make your acrylic nail last longer by moisturizing your hand on a regular basis

Lengthen the life of your acrylics by keeping your hand moisturized. Regularly apply oil on nails particularly on the cuticles-this will keep your acrylic nails healthy-looking and soft. Moisturizing essentially prevents acrylic nails from drying out.

Leaving your gel-manicured nails under a lamp can make your nail art more durable

The mark of a great gel manicure is one that can last for at least a month and still remain intact. Under-curing your gelled nails or failing to expose the nails to adequate UV lights can prevent the polish from firming up. If you can spare some time the request your nail technician at a nail salon for an extra round under the lamp. This will make your nail art stick around for a longer period of time.

Make your French nails remain attractive for longer by immediately filling in chipped white tips

By filling any chipped white tips immediately using white nail polish and a clear coat will make your French nails last longer. This is because when a small chip occurs and is not repaired promptly, it can spread quickly


Applying lotions and creams to French manicured nails is not advisable –creams and lotions dull the enviable shiny finish. Be very careful and meticulous when applying cream and lotion if your nail art is French manicured. A little moisturizer that is meticulously applied on the tips will do. Additionally, you can also protect your French manicured nails by always wearing socks under sneakers and stocking under heels. These kips the white tips of your nail art from chipping under pressure of a shoe or from rubbing against the shoe you are wearing.

Here is a simple vinegar trick that will make your nail art last longer

Although it might seem far-fetched, this vinegar trick is actually effective and is also scientifically backed. Using an earbuds smoothly swab white vinegar on your necked nails before applying nail paint/ nail polish. The theory is simple! Vinegar dries out the nail surface by getting rid of any moisture or residue that can come between the base-coat and the nail. This will help your nail art last longer by making the first coat adhere better.

Make your toe nail art last longer by applying the top coat wile your polish is still a bit wet

This is quite a surprise but actually true! The top coat is more effective and durable if it is applied to wet polish. I am sure you are asking how! Pretty simple! Applying the top coat to nail polish that is still wet helps this very important top coat to penetrate through the polish and help bond everything to the nail bed.

Easily the most common trick but still the most crucial avoid water

If you want your nail art to last longer then you have no option but to avoid constant contact with water. Although water is great for your skin, it is detrimental to nail art. The more frequent your exposure to water, the quicker your nail art will chip and wear out.Currently, the sky is the limit when it comes to nail designs and styles. This is a far cry from 100 years ago women preferred short polish-free hands. The nail art methods outlined in this article barely scratch the surface because there are numerous mail art methods and all of them cannot be exhaustively covered in a single article. Attractive fingernails are no longer just an afterthought; they have become a carefully considered accessory that is executed meticulously.

As nail art becomes an important and major proponent of fashion and style, nail tools and accessories are being upgraded to make nail art easy. The improvements in varnishes over the decades are mind-blowing! There are currently varnishes that dry in 20 seconds and those that create stunning effects such as crackle effects and china glazes. Nail art is fashion frenzy that is here to stay. It has persisted for decades and the styles and techniques are only getting better.